Voter Intimidation Continues in Keene

On the day of the general election I went to Ward 4’s voting location with the intention of voting for Free Keene’s Nick Ryder. As the city clerk had promised, I had indeed been removed from the voters’ rolls because I’d registered to vote with my “domicile” as my box at the UPS Store. On the day of the general election I was homeless and decided to register to vote as such. As happened during the primary, they did everything they could to prevent me from taking part in their system. (Interestingly, people like me who prefer outside-the-system activism are incessantly told that we should work within the system, but if we try to, this is the kind of crap that happens.)

So I tried to register as a homeless person and despite signing TWO forms under penalty of perjury (the “domicile affidavit” and the “voter challenge affidavit”) they STILL refused to accept my registration! I immediately pulled out my blackberry and QIKked their explanation. Turns out because the “checklist supervisor” didn’t FEEL like I was homeless, that was enough to deny me the right to vote. It didn’t matter one iota that I’d sworn an oath to my claim being true. My supposed right to vote was DENIED. Watch as it happened:

Now that they have denied me any method of actually working within their system, allow me to cite their own rules in the form of part of article 12 of the NH constitution’s bill of rights:

Nor are the inhabitants of this state controllable by any other laws than those to which they, or their representative body, have given their consent.

I certainly do not consent to this insane system and its rules and now that they’ve denied me the right to vote, no one could claim that the NH representatives are my “representative body”, so I should be free and clear to stop paying them, right?

Oh yeah, my interpretation doesn’t matter, only the interpretation of their men in robes calling themselves the “Supreme Court” matters. Every day I get closer to not caring though. When I decide to stop paying these criminals it will be crystal clear to the world that they are just a gang of criminals as they steal my home and kick my family into the street.

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