Corruption Rises to the Top

On April 14th 2009, I was filming in the second floor lobby of Keene City hall. According to an unsigned document on the wall filming is prohibited. I was arrested and cuffed over a silver bracelet seen in the background of the video.

I dropped to the floor and as they dragged me around the bracelet was cutting into my wrist causing excruciating pain. Eli Rivera, now running for sheriff, found this rather amusing. This video depicts the events that happened before my camera was turned off.

A few months later Activist Kurt Hoffman was taken to the same back room where according to Rivera, he fell while trying to escape. No felony escape charges were ever filed, and according to Hoffman and a witness, Rivera tackled him, putting Hoffman in a wheelchair for several weeks.

Please share this video, include it in your videos, and use it to show people the kinds of sociopaths attracted to power.


Produced by – OTN Productions

Edited by – Sam Dodson

Narration – Zeus Legion

Update: I posted a question to the Eli Rivera for Sheriff’s discussion page, and something interesting happened. “Silent Nation” one of the trolls identified himself as Matt Sorenson. Here are a couple of his comments:

Then later he changed his comment. This all happened around 2am, so I’m guessing Matt came back from a bar wasted.

Eli has since deleted his facebook discussion page. I guess he wasn’t all that interested in talking over issues with his constituents.

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