Keene Police Shutdown Bake Sale for Homeless Shelter

During the Keene NH 2010 Pumpkin Festival, a mix of local law enforcement forced a local Cub Scout group to shutdown their fundraiser. They were on private property exactly has they had done the previous 4 years.

After setting the cub scouts strait, they moved on to shut down a bake sale fundraiser for the local homeless shelter.

COP CRIMES Weekly Roundup – All of these events occurred just in the last week (October 6-12, 2010)

by Filming Cops on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 4:11pm

Rochelle GA police officer caught molesting underage girl

Phoenix AZ cop tazes, maces, and murders latino man

Los Angeles CA cop murders unarmed black student

Portland OR police captain involved in neo-nazi activities that city covered up for years

Garden Grove CA police officer charged for anally raping 2 women

Davidson Co TN deputy falsely arrests homeless man after murdering his dog

Newtonsville OH police chief pleads guilty to sexual battery of 15yr-old girl

Denver CO deputy charged for molesting 8yr-old boy in addition to 12 counts involving a 12yr-old boy

Hephzibah GA cop caught choking, beating & using racial slurs against black child

Selma CA police officer caught on federal possession & distribution of child pornography

Beloit WI police chief subject of 5 different racial discrimination suits filed by cops & local business owner

US Border Patrol agent murders teenager as he tried to flee

New York NY police officer given only 90days in jail for hitting & killing pastor’s daughter while driving drunk

Pinetops NC police officer murders college student in his dorm room

Texas DPS Trooper given assault charge for slamming female accident victim into concrete wall after she called 911

Norfolk VA cop responds to 60-yr-old woman’s 911 call, sexually assaults and rapes her, twice

New York NY police detective pleads guilty to sexually assaulting woman & performing lewd act in front of other woman

New Orleans LA cop sentenced to 10 days on DV charge for punching wife 10x, fracturing her jaw

Ventura County CA pleads guilty to molesting a 16yr-old girl and sending her sexual material via text msgs & email

Texas DPS trooper attested on 2 counts indecency w/minor on allegations of sexual relations w/underage relative

Fallowfield PA cop sentenced to probation for not reporting runaway teen boy, took him home to have sex w/him instead

DeSoto Parish LA deputy resigns & 2 others suspended for tackling woman transporting a burn victim to emergency room

Pine Lawn MO police chief investigated for shooting at an unarmed suspect as he fled following chase

Pembroke Pines FL undercover police officer caught mooning animal rights activists during protest (photo)

Seattle WA cop faces inquest for murdering Native American woodcarver after autopsy doesn’t match police report

Grand Rapids MI cop accused of illegally shutting down business, owners lost everything by time case was dismissed

Guam police officer under investigation on allegations she was involved in a domestic violence incident

Escondido CA police accused of harassing and taking photographs of people protesting questionable police checkpoints

Tampa FL cops accused of excessive force by man asking gov for special counsel after tasered 4x at college ball game

Duquesne PA police officer issued several citations after her 6 dogs attack couple and a 12yr-old girl

Brookfield OH police officer on paid leave for assaulting a woman in her home

Los Angeles CA police officer convicted of leaving scene of accident & causing great bodily injury, hit 2 w/hummer

Minneapolis MN cop charged for armed robberies, to serve concurrently w/8yr fed sentence for bank robbery

2 Ripley TN cops indicted, 1 for official oppression for wrongful arrest, other for theft & official misconduct

New Mexico Narcotics Task Force used National Guard helicopter in armed raid on school. No pot found, just tomatoes

4 Denton TX cops subject of suit alleging excessive force when they shot man in leg who answered door holding shotgun

Buffalo NY cop charged w/trespass & harassment for attacking man he thought was w/his girlfriend, got wrong address

Marshall University WV police accused of keeping 2 sets of crime logs in order to hide gang rape incident from press

Obion TN police officer fired after tasering man while on-duty for “teasing” her outside of a convenience store

Lancaster PA police officer charged w/assault & reckless endangerment for ramming woman’s car

Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC police major arrested with girlfriend on allegations they assaulted woman

Corpus Christi TX cop charged w/retaliation, tampering & discharge of firearm in bar fight that severely injured 1

Birchwood WI police officer who resigned while under investigation last month now charged with sexual assault

Delaware head of Alcohol & Tobacco Enforcement Division charged with DUI when stopped for speeding

Newark NJ settles suit for $300k to man jailed for crimes he couldn’t have done, signed confession he couldn’t read

Fresno CA police officer arrested on DUI and hit & run charges after hitting a car in apartment lot then driving away

Tea SD cop pleads guilty to obtaining Oxycodone by fraud & DUI charges, will plea to other DUI charge in other county

Clinton UT police officer sentenced to 30days jail in plea deal for unauthorized access to e-mail accounts & data

Arkansas State trooper suspended after charged with manslaughter over on-duty accident that left one woman dead

Cook County IL sheriff’s dpt raids innocent elderly couple’s home in warrant based only on drug informant’s word

Stanford University CA police sergeant arrested for driving under the influence, officials refuse to give details

El Paso TX cop arrested for aggravated robbery after allegedly stealing money box while working security at wedding

Milwaukee WI assistant police chief charged with DUI after crashing into tree in his personal car

Lansing MI police officer fined $100 after convicted on misdemeanor charge for misusing police database

Vermont State trooper charged with a DUI after police alerted to bar dispute he was involved with

Salisbury NC police dog suspended after biting kindergarten student during police demonstration at grade school

Maricopa County AZ settles suit for $600k to man hit by deputy & left pinned under patrol car during traffic stop

Suffolk NY police officer & DA investigator arrested on felony computer trespass charges (subscription site)

Owensboro KY cop suspended w/o pay for 6 months for failing to intervene when other now-former cop attacked detainee

Oakland CA settles suit for $1.2mil to woman left disfigured by burns over 11% of body by SWAT flash-bang grenade

Jackson WY police sued by man tasered several times when he protested about being pulled over for out-of-state tags

Riviera Beach FL police officer on paid leave while subject of unspecified internal and criminal investigation

Corona CA police lieutenant fired over alleged ties with motorcycle club that was subject of criminal probe

Wilmington NC cop subject of suit alleging he ran red light and injured 81yr-old man in on-duty accident

Mendenhall MS residents petition city to fire or stop paying suspended police chief investigated on theft allegations

Bridgeport CT police officer member of SWAT team suspended 20days w/o pay for racial slurs made over police radio

Texas DPS Trooper pleads guilty to illegally selling drivers licenses to unqualified applicants

Baltimore MD loses civil judgment for $600k to deputy falsely arrested by cop while trying to assist w/emergency call

New York NY settles suit for $300k to two brothers who were falsely arrested by narcotics cops caught on video

St Lucie County FL deputy arrested on DUI charge after flashing badge during traffic stop, had .16 BAC

Gaston County NC police K9 officer faces DUI charges after crashing into trees w/pickup truck

Muskegon MI settles suit for $775k to family of man who died in police dept parking lot after being peppersprayed

Lancaster PA cop accused of lying when video contradicts his report on the arrest of woman who called cops for help

4 Anchorage AK cops to be “retrained” after recorded threatening to taser man, forcing him to let them in w/o warrant

Macomb County MI deputy under investigation after accused of texting when he hit cab while transporting prisoners

Watertown NY settles suit for $600k to man shot 3x when now-convicted cop broke in to his home to kidnap girlfriend

Marion SC school resource officer suspended after losing his still-missing service firearm at high school

Warrenton MO settles suit for $376k to family of man killed in crash w/cop violating policy by doing 99mph on call

Ashley PA police chief suspended while subject of investigation by state police into complaint about alleged threats

Norfolk VA police narcotics officer arrested on DUI charges after crashing police cruiser in Virginia Beach

Los Angeles CA police detective arrested on 7 felony counts of workers comp fraud, perjury & attempted grand theft

Plattsmouth NE sued by couple alleging police illegally searched home & falsely arrested man on mental health hold

Morrow County OR deputy wanted on warrant in connection with death of woman who’s body was discovered on Monday

3 Basalt CO cops sued by man injured when cops arrested him for saying “don’t let the door hit you in the ass” at bar

Marco FL cop subject of suit alleging he beat then sealed cuffed man in police cruiser after pepperspraying him

Seaside Heights NJ settles suit for $75k to man claiming cops needlessly choked him out after injuring his shoulder

Prince George’s Co MD police instructor accused of helping cadets cheat on tests transfered to sex offender unit

San Diego Harbor CA police department sued by former female officer claiming she was sexually harassed from first day

89 Puerto Rico police officers arrested in massive raid resulting from 2-year corruption & drug trafficking probe

Bay County FL deputy sued by man who suffered heart attack when tasered even after family warned he had heart problem

New Orleans LA cop gets suspended sentence and must pay $11k to replace police dog that died locked in his cruiser

Indian Shores FL cop resigns after lengthy probe into numerous allegations including sexual battery, no charges

Rutland VT settles suit for $45k to man shot with over 20 pepperball rounds while shackled in jail cell

4 Fresno CA cops indicted for repeatedly shooting man w/beanbag rounds, kicking him, then covering it up in 2005

Anchorage Airport police officer under investigation after cited for soliciting prostitution in sting operation

Plainfield NJ cop charged w/disorderly conduct, resisting, assaulting an officer & DUI after picking fights at bar

Jennings MO police accused of covering up brutality case after video that didn’t exist shows up on councilman’s door

2 Honolulu HI cops investigated on DV allegations, one was arrested while the other faces internal investigation

Greece NY police sgt resigns after suspended while under investigation for allegedly stealing gas for personal car

Waxahachie TX police sergeant on paid leave after arrested on a drunk driving charge

Oneida County NY sheriff’s lieutenant retires to avoid prosecution for using work laptop on-duty to take online class

Johnson County TN constable & 2 others arrested for child neglect & endangerment during raid on his home

Cape Coral FL settles suit for $85k to man claiming cop w/history of misconduct beat & kicked him at roadblock

Lynwood IL police officer arrested in connection with a series of strange shootings that injured 2 and killed 1

Mount Vernon NY approves 3 police-related settlements, including excessive force case, but refuses to release details



These are only the reported incidents; the vast majority go unreported. The frequency of cop crimes is similar every week. Do the numbers. It is not just a “few bad apples”; the barrel is rotten.  For daily updates, follow injusticenews on twitter.  For past weekly COP CRIMES archives, see here:

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  1. These simple minded law enforcement officers who pose as harbingers of authority, who with every word that comes from their mouth and every immoral action they undertake, walk themselves to the edge of a cliff that they themselves will choose not to return from one day. These tools, [tools have purpose and these no longer do] and I use that term loosely are fast becoming obsolete to the American people. It might be equitable one day for the people to convene common law courts online and open to America and the world , which a tribunal of people oversee, issue summons for which the establishment likely will ignore. To have a group of the people bring their grievances before a jury of the people and either the people find them innocent or condemn as guilty. While we the people simply label the guilty as criminals sans punishment before the world and the creator mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. To say to the servants who would be master, we the true masters will brook no more interference from them…..and remind them we almost out of cheeks to turn and only Jesus is long suffering, not I, myself, we or us the masters of the tool.

    For my patience too wears thin.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. I'm glad this will be the last "Drunken Asshole and Garbage Festival"

  3. The Lebanon Farmers Market figurativly chopped my dads balls off because we where selling organic non hybrid seeds at our farmers market table. Since we didnt grow the seeds our selves they acted just like these jerks. shutting down our stand.

    My poor father hes 70 years old, and that cunt Amy chopped his balls off right in public. a 70 year old man ,knows more about farming than that little bitch. Knows about seed, and here comes this little cunt and chops his balls off over some seeds because my dad and I didnt grow them ourselves.

    that fucking CUNT Amy fuck her!!!!! It was just like the this scene at the homeless shelter. I never thought the pigs would harrass the future snitches of america, (Cub Scouts) but I guess your the enemy if you havent paid your fee.

  4. Wow, the city council declares themselves to own all the land, and magically they do. Must be fun to be the local gang bosses. I guess folks can consider themselves lucky they don't declare themselves to own everyone's homes and businesses the rest of the year. Oh wait, I guess they do, that's why you have to pay them rent (property taxes).

    That's the last time I support any center stage production.

  5. Please do not use link shortening services. As a policy, I'll NEVER click one of those links, because I have no idea where it will send me.

  6. Sam? So what was the officer's real meaning of that? Was something "special" planned for you back at the station that day if you were arrested?

  7. primarily that was the actions of Franklin Principal Bill Harris and Atty. Maria Gavin-on behalf of Center Stage. I think that you should pose your questions and concerns to the Keene City Council directly-

    It looked silly to be the whole thing-

  8. @bob – I didn't put the list together. It originates from a twitter feed. I think they use that to shorten the tweets. If you can find another source I'll consider using it, but these links go to MSM articles.

    You can also use something like No Script to prevent malicious websites from affecting your machine.

  9. I think this is "root striking"

    i could be wrong seein as I'm a green horn.

    its good though

    good job .


  10. Threatening cop was and is disgusting. I suppose him threatening you was his way of "controlling" the "situation" because everyone and their mother knows that cops have control issues. My wife and I will never go to Center Stage again. Nice work Sam Dodson. Thank you for letting the blue light gang and my crappy City "Council" expose just how ignorant and careless they all are about anyone but themselves.

    By the way, I will never pay the "City of Keene" one bloody red cent of "tax". I operate out of Keene too. I'm sure that you will come seek me out now too, so you can beat my family's earnings out of us. I'm so sick of these ignorant fools. Thank you Sam, thank you Free Keene, for exposing just another small part of the sickness and corruption here. It won't last with you here, it can't. Thank you for being more "New Hampshire" than the rest of these rotten acting people.

  11. David, I think you've just invented a new poetic form. I'm calling it "triangle haiku"

  12. Fox News picked up the story, I just heard it on the radio. That goes out to hundreds of radio stations and reaches millions of listeners. 🙂

  13. That's great, because we all know how fair and balanced Fox News is. They even tried to trademark that, so it must be true.

  14. awesome

  15. any press is good press :particularly if they report accurately

    and if they do the audio or all the video would be awesome …….. then even more roots would be struck 🙂

  16. I liked when sam said to the cop something like " sorry about bringing up those moral ideas earlier better not to think about them it could lead to some uncomfortable conclusions"

    then that dumb cop was like "be careful sam"

    like what that fucking dumb cop was saying was " ITs AGAINST THE LAW TO BRING UP THE MORALNESS OF THIS"

    grrrr that motherfucker fuck him

  17. Sam, wonderful job with the video…I hope people see how horrible Center Stage Productions really are! And just to let everyone know, the reason why the shelter did not pay the $150.00 to set up their bake sale is because they were told the street they were on wasn't part of the Pumpkin Fest. They weren't allowed to put their pumpkins there if they wanted them to get into the official count. So if it wasn't part of the fest, then why pay? I offered to compromise with Marie Gavin, I offered to pay the fee, to give away the bake sale items, to move the table back into the alley more, but she was on a power trip. She also said that the homeless wasn't her problem, and when asked how she slept at night she claimed 'just fine!' Out of all of the police, Officer Corrigan really tried to help us and compromise with Center Stage Productions. Big shout out to him for finally being decent!!!!

  18. C'mon, heika!…Officer Corrigan *FINALLY* being decent???…WTF???…OH!, WAIT!…You weren't there the night Corrigan stopped by Nightcap…He's got kids of his own…he actually *LISTENED*, and really did his best to *UNDERSTAND*…That's what I saw…No, I'm certainly not "defending the cops", or anything like that, but, I did see Corrigan trying his best to be a decent cop & good man. At least that night…*AND*, wasn't it DETECTIVE McLaughlin – *IN UNIFORM* – who shut down the Cub Scouts???…just sayin'…~tKoK.

  19. Weird. Just finished all 9:23 of the video…Posted my comment above *BEFORE* I watched the video…From what I saw & heard on the video, I believe that Officer Corrigan *COULD* have resolved the situation peacefully, to everybody's satisfaction, *IF* he could have gotten support from his supervisors/Chief, etc…I think that Corrigan is both a good cop, and a good man. But, if he stays with KPD long enough, he risks becoming just another *BULLY-WITH-A-BADGE*…Then what's he gonna do???…Run for Sheriff???…///…And wasn't that KPD Captain Russo who was warning Sam not to get arrested that day???…Maybe I'm getting soft, but I still think that sounded more like a *FRIENDLY REMINDER*, than a *WARNING*, Sam… ~tKoK.

  20. man I can't wait to move to Keene and get my activism on, I see that Keene truly is the "Destination for Liberty Activism". Anyway if the new business pans out I'll be there.

  21. he actually *LISTENED*, and really did his best to *UNDERSTAND*…That’s what I saw

    Good for him!

    It's gotta be tough being stuck in a job like that, as a decent person — being unable to do the right thing. I hope he finds something better to do with his life, which he can be wholeheartedly proud of.

  22. "he actually *LISTENED*, and really did his best to *UNDERSTAND*…That’s what I saw"

    Too bad most Free Keene people don't usually feel positive stories like this are worth writing blogs about…

  23. Yeah, I'd like to see stories when this kind of thing happens.

    Don't want to embarrass someone who's trying to be a good guy though … I don't know if they'd catch flack for that kind of thing or not. I mean, sometimes people are more willing to have real, honest conversations if they're semi-private, and not going to be broadcast on a blog or somesuch.

    Perhaps just say "officer xyz" is appreciated for stopping by and having a real conversation, without posting a recording or anything.

    I did notice, in the video, the one cop (I guess it was corrigan) suggesting they be left alone after moving halfway down the ally, in an attempt to salvage some sanity in the situation. As usual, the busybodies and control freaks won the day …

    It's just so much fun to play king over other people and their property, isn't it? It's fun to have the men with guns forcing your will on others. Well, fun until you're in the minority, and the guns get turned on you.

  24. canoli,
    I did see mclaughlin there that day in his cop outfit. (not at this incident)

    I guess the reason there isn't more reports of good stuff the police do is because when they do stuff WRONG it is TRIPLY WRONG as apposed to if WE did it.
    And they don't have to answer to anyone!
    There was one incident that I believe the police deserved accommodation for in Brattleboro
    and it was that female officer that shot that crazy guy in the hand.
    But even that ….the reason that's good is because she didn't shoot to kill which is the default norm so its hard to say "well that was great that she didn't shoot to kill him"
    But she did good because e she didn't shoot to kill him : that's where we are at. Imho the cops would be glad about people pointing out the bad stuff in a public forum as many of them ARE GOOD and want to be in a better atmosphere in the police dept.So i think they would be glad that WE are ,sam, IS PIERCING THE "THIN BLUE LINE" maybe

  25. Can anyone gve me details about the Cub Scout situation? I would like to enter a blog post about Center STage's bullying on this, on my personal blog, but I need facts.

    BTW, as i have said many times before, there a number of very good people (and personal friends of mine) on the Keene Police Force and in other area towns…and there are also power-tripping bullies for whom I would shed no tear if they lost their badges. It really *is* important to seperate the wheat from the chaff here.

    No doubt, the Keene Council will hold some hearing about the future of pumpkinfest. If it's advertised, as a vendor, and as someone who used to live in Central Square, I will be there to complain about how they treated you

  26. Another reason :there are TONS of people who herald the wonderful police all the time.Its the default norm .
    And anyone who's says "but but this happened"…….is a peripheral voice that gets discounted.And the police aren't held accountable.
    The Saturday morning radio show here in Keene comes to mind :all it is is glowing adulation for the kpd (when they regard it) and police in general
    We need voices who affirm stuff that's true ,that is NOT all positive.
    And thank you free staters for doing that !!!

  27. Somewhat good editting…..when the top of the box flew off, (it was windy) you should have clipped that bit out.

    You need better editors to try and push your agenda. Good luck. I enjoy the comedic value.

    What has happened to the recordings from the Saturday talk back?

    I miss those. Nothing like a good laugh to repeatedly hear, and share with those close to me.

  28. Clever move to have one of your lot hand the ca$h to you on cam,during the alleged interview , and make it look like people were flocking to hand over the money.

    Any one knows all the ca$h you collect is used for new Cameras, and promotional trash< funding Ian and Sam (if they are still 'together'). so when do yuo plan on abolishing the Gov't?

  29. As was stated by the woman at the bake sale, , you lot were "GIVING IT AWAY", so how is that bringing in money for the 100 nights shelter?

    Publicity stunt……again, and again,and again- but still gathering no gravity.

    As I've mentioned before, You can leave the USA. have a fundraiser, and shove off.

    You lot are funnier than Wile E. Coyote.

  30. #

    Paul on Wed, 20th Oct 2010 3:30 am

    Yeah, I’d like to see stories when this kind of thing happens.

    Don’t want to embarrass someone who’s trying to be a good guy though … I don’t know if they’d catch flack for that kind of thing or not. I mean, sometimes people are more willing to have real, honest conversations if they’re semi-private, and not going to be broadcast on a blog or somesuch.

    Perhaps just say “officer xyz” is appreciated for stopping by and having a real conversation, without posting a recording or anything.

    I did notice, in the video, the one cop (I guess it was corrigan) suggesting they be left alone after moving halfway down the ally, in an attempt to salvage some sanity in the situation. As usual, the busybodies and control freaks won the day …

    It’s just so much fun to play king over other people and their property, isn’t it? It’s fun to have the men with guns forcing your will on others. Well, fun until you’re in the minority, and the guns get turned on you.

    PAUL! YOU'RE SUCH A FUCKING ***tool***…."When these kinds odf things happen" – i.e., a cop being decent – *THAT* *SHOULDN'T* *BE* a **"STORY"**!!!…cops being decent should be the norm, not the exception to the rule…&, You don't want to "embarass" a good cop???…WTF???…What, embarass a good cop in front of the bad cops???…Who would give that good cop "flack"???…Glad you, too, noticed Corrigans' valiant, but ultimately vain efforts to resolve the situation…I agree, Paul, I believe that Corrigan *WOULD HAVE*, and *COULD HAVE*, peacefully resolved the situation, but the bleeding-heart-liberal control-freaks just couldn't let Cub Scouts & HOMELESS PEOPLE share in the bounty of 70,000 visitors to Keene…And, Paul, sometimes…rarely, but *SOMETIMES*, bad cops do get what they deserve…After all, where's Officer Patten, & William Albrecht *TODAY*???…Otherwise, your postings are the usual pseudo-liberal clap-trap…Glad you're here, though…You make more sense than that fuck-face "Dennis"!!!……~tKoK….(Yes, Dennis is clincally paranoid. He's off his "meds"…My friends' brother dates his case manager, that's how I know these things…~tKoK.

  31. dennis,

  32. As was stated by the woman at the bake sale, , you lot were “GIVING IT AWAY”, so how is that bringing in money for the 100 nights shelter?

    Giving it away but accepting donations … e.g. the carwash is free — but donations for our charity are accepted (required if you don't want to be a jerk)

  33. Thanks Dennis, I appreciate your suggestions, but your recommending violating the basic rules of editing. Do you have example videos where you did it right?

    It's good to know that even the most simple minded people handicapped by an inability to employ reason and logic in their daily lives, can still be entertained by my videos despite the obvious anger issues.

  34. i think dennis should stop watching "Wile E. Coyote".
    I mean..isn't 57 a bit old to watch …….

  35. Why don't more people yet understand that "cops" are simply sickened sociopaths? They need more love than anyone because they are mostly social lepers and jealous of people who don't "appear" to struggle in life, especially with typical government education systems these days (where most of them are created). Treat them with love to reach them, even more than the very kind camera man. The people in this video did just that. Also, I own property in Keene (or so I thought since you folks have straightened me out on the fallacy of "ownership" in Keene, thank you) and I will not be sending or taking my family to any of those businesses such as Center Stage any longer. We have for years but it is all over now. Thank you for all your wonderful work and tenacity in the face of adversity.


    A 75 Years Young Man

  36. "Why don’t more people yet understand that “cops” are simply sickened sociopaths?"

    Talk about collectivization….

  37. Hey holy spinelessoly, you missed what I wrote entirely. Use some smarts please. READ the very loving and inclusive statements before picking one thing you can justify your "miserability" with. Thank you and you are very welcome for enlightening you. Surely you have the guts to change… or not. Life is short, it may not be too late for you either. I've seen SOME hope in your statements but let's get back on the right path now shall we? When I say "we" I mean "you".

  38. Saying that 'the cops' need love doesn't change the fact that you collectivized all the cops as being 'sickened sociopaths'

  39. … and you are still miserable because that is how you see the world.

    Too bad you are not willing to use the brains God gave you.

  40. I see Bill's point(s) and agree wholeheartedly. Though I don't like to collectivize (and I don't think that is what he actually did or said) I do like to INCLUDE us as all in the same boat, or rather on the same team. He apparently sees and thinks farther to the end than perhaps some younger, perhaps more distracted folks. Thanks for your wisdom Bill.

  41. How were Bill's words not collectivizing?

  42. Wisdom? From Bill? hahahahahahahahahaaaaahhhhhhh. Damn. I just peed myself.

  43. Though I don't think your comment warrants a reply I will simply assume you need help rather than simply hearing another futile attempt for an argument. Basically, his message is not one of collectivizing but rather treating people like human beings. HE is trying to RESOLVE PROBLEMS… what's YOUR deal dude? The superior plateau is the one he is on. That doesn't make sense to you? Jeesh! If not, we're all in more trouble that I thought.


  44. Thanks Kurt.

    You "got it", and you are right, you shouldn't have replied.

    The devil is in the details; and we all know how deep that devil has dug now don't we?

    Enough said.

  45. I'm so glad I stopped reading the sentinel. is far superior and has far better content.

    See ya Sentinel!

    Hello FREE KEENE!!!

  46. Hey, Marlo, wanna go out to dinner later???…I', 37, 6'4", 245lbs. of muscle, with 12-pack abs…_AND_ I'm a collectivationalist. I'll come collectivize you around 7PM, OK???…_AND_, the Sentinel doesn't have personalized content, does it???…~tKoK.

  47. Dear holy_canole:…All cops have to take a psychological test before accepted for employment. Unless they test out as at least having a socialpathic personality disorder, they either don't get hired, or don't last long, either way…So, yes, it is not mere "collectivizing" to say all cops are sickened sociopaths. It's just the plain & simple truth. It is our *SICKENED, BULL-SHIT-RIDDEN SOCIETY* in the first place, which creates all the sociopathic cops…My Aunt is a child psychologist, and most of her most difficult cases are cops' kids…Sad. Very sad…Love, ~tKoK.

  48. Sorry, I typo-d socialpathic, instead of sociopathic…~tKoK.

  49. Great video Sam. Great song at the end too.

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