NH Activist Sovereign Curtis Has Violation Charge Dismissed

Sovereign Curtis, possibly best known for his arrest in Nashua at a 420 rally, or for being a main organizer of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, was in court today to face a trial on a violation charge. The complaint was based on an allegation that Curtis had started a fire on Hampton Beach without a permit, which would be against the town ordinance.


The State came un-prepared, and asked for a last minute continuance. This same request has been carried out many times by the Nashua Police Department in Nashua District Court. The presiding judge there has, without fail, granted the State’s request. However, today in Hampton District Court, the judge upheld Curtis’ request to have the charges dismissed due to lack of scheduling on the State’s side.

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  1. state is unprepared? Expects to be granted multiple do-overs? Expected that everyone will bend over for them so they don't have to do any actual real work?

    Typical parasites. I usually say I wished that they would quit their jobs and join the free market, providing actual services or products that people would voluntarilly pay for. Then I wonder if they'd be able to survive. Maybe that's how government came to fruition in the first place. . . those that should have perished due to lack of effort, knowledge, skills found that harming others who were talented and capable of making a living for themselves was a great way for them to survive.

  2. @anton

    That seems pretty harsh. Most people were never taught the ideas of liberty, or about morality. And it is pretty hard for most people to get past their cognitive dissonance. I think they really believe what they are doing is necessary for the good of society. It took me 6 years of studying a lot to get past my preconceived notions. I used to be a closet Communist at one time. I actually thought imposing high minimum wages would be a good thing.

  3. Thanks for being there Nick!

    It was pretty anti-climactic, but luckily the judge (and even the prosecutor) was a nice guy, and saved me a second trip (and spared me the consequence of my mistakes [failing to notarize the subpoena, and failing to submit a witness list 7/10+ days in advance]).

    One down, one to go!

  4. PS

    I'm also proud of being the creator of Free Keene Karaoke.

    (especially now that it is 'self-replicating/sufficient')


    Expect BIG things at PorcFest 2011!

  5. ummmm….. like…. you know…… like what? As Meg would say.

    She's got sum gude skoolin. Explain it to her, cuz, like ummm she umm like won't know what this, is like all about.

  6. Rock the System, Curtis!

  7. aw man you should have faked the guy out when you went to shake his hand. that would have been pure gold.

  8. can i get a pizza to go with that?

  9. Extra meat and cheese pizza, Mate!!!!!!!!!!

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