VIDEO: Ademo Kidnapped for Speaking at Pete’s Arraignment

The full story is at Liberty on Tour and reposted below the following videos, thanks to Ethan Lee Vita. Michele and I captured video of Pete’s arraignment and Ademo’s arrest and then the following “Right of alocution” hearing where Adam is sentenced to 60 days in jail for speaking. (Please stay tuned to Free Keene. The second video is forthcoming but YouTube is taking HOURS to process it, so I decided to just post the first one in this post.

First up, Pete’s video arraignment and Ademo’s arrest on a “contempt” charge for speaking:

Finally, here’s a repost of the full story from Liberty on Tour:

This morning we had a video arraignment in Keene District Court for Pete Eyre, arrested yesterday for peacefully wearing a hat. We started the day at 8am and it wasn’t until around noon that Pete’s arraignment occurred. We spent the first hour from eight until nine passing out Don’t Plead Guilty flyers.

The video was set up in a way so that Pete could not see supporters in the audience. Earlier, people had asked a bailiff if Pete would be able to hear us and he paused, before informing us that he would, but that we should stay quiet. Michele Seven, filming the video and judge as an independent source, asked if she could say hi to Pete before the judge walked in, but was denied that privilege by the bailiff.

The proceedings began with a lengthy charge, that sounded far more ludicrous than actual events. Earlier, we had been attempting to protect his identity, but information had already been leaked as they knew his name, but Pete refused to identify. Most of the proceedings were repetitive with Judge Burke telling Pete it was in Pete’s hands whether he got out, all he had to do was identify. Pete politely asked if he had a chance to speak his mind on what had occurred, which Burke denied, instructing that the only thing they needed from Pete was identification and choosing counsel, if desired. Pete kept firmly, but politely, insisting that it was Burke that had the decision and could let him go.

At one point, Burke said one of many numerously redic things, to which Smeg laughed louder than usual. Judge Burke then instructed the bailiffs to remove us all from the room, but Smeg insisted she was the only one who’d laughed, taking responsibility for her actions, as many anarchists do. The bailiffs continued to ask us to all leave until finally Smeg’s petitions of responsibility were heard and Burke changed his statement to only Smeg, and not the entire group.

As the repetitious conversation between Pete and Burke continued, Ademo grew upset, and likely knowing Pete could hear his comrade, began walking out of the room, calling the court a joke and saying it had no life. Burke immediately ordered him arrested. We soon learned there may be an immediate arraignment and waited. The bailiffs allowed us to communicate through a partially closed door and let him enter his password on the phone so we could access it. They also ignored us listening to Ademo through the closed door later.

In a few minutes, we learned there was going to be a right of allocution (not arraignment), followed by sentencing, so we returned to the courtroom. A right of allocution is where the individual in contempt gets a chance to speak their mind on the matter. After determining, Ademo’s legal name, the right, in reality a ritualized privilege, was given. Ademo stated that he was sorry for hurting Burke’s feelings, but thats how he felt about the proceedings. Burke denied that he offended the individual, but offended the court, but insisted it was a matter of societal civility that determined the policies. Ademo informed Burke that he was never informed of these laws. This did not go on long before Burke sentenced Ademo to sixty days in the county jail. As he was being drug away, he yelled out that he would not be eating.

Smeg had been part of the audience during the proceedings with Ademo and started asking why they were harming her friends, insisting they stop. For several minutes, she stood, petitioning the bailiff to get the judge and make him stop this nonsense, but was ignored. Meanwhile, he was also demanding we leave the courtroom. Several left, but several others remained seated. The bailiff threatened arrest against Smeg several times before she finally relented, but he did not actually use any violence and remained calm, far better than Sergeant James Cemorelis or Judge Burke.

We ran outside to see him off via the sheriff’s vehicle and he was smiling and waving, with his hands in the front, as he left. I flashed him a peace symbol as the vehicle drove away.

Plans are being discussed now and we recommend writing op-eds to the Keene Sentinel and Union Leader. I would recommend reading Tom Knapp’s Recommendations for Writing a Libertarian Op-Ed. Smeg is talking about not eating in conjunction with Ademo. I’d invite people to consider joining her, if they’re interested. There is a facebook group coordinating a response as well. I’m sure there will be discussion on FreeTalkLive as well as a special show by Todd Andrew Barnett, Smeg and I *may* be on.

Videos should be coming shortly on Free Keene, Liberty On Tour, and Cop Block.


I thought it’d be important to include where you can write to Ademo while he’s caged. Pete, as he’s not identifying, probably won’t receive mail.

Adam Mueller
Cheshire County D.O.C.
825 Marlboro Road
Keene, NH 03431

The jail website has more information on mailing procedures, calling caged humans, and other pertinent information. Continue to call the jail and police station, along with emailing Sergeant Cemorelis is important, as well.

* The Cheshire Co Jail where they are being held: 603.903.1600
* Keene Police 603.357.981
* Two officers in video attacking Pete:
* James Cemorelis (full uniform, possible Sgt) – Number above + extension 7117 (email:
* Matt Griffin (grey shirt) extension 7182.

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