New Flyer: Don’t Take the Plea Deal – Now for NH and National!

Don't PleaYou asked, we answered. The popular “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” flyer has been tweaked with your suggestions and is now available in both a national and NH version! Download it, send it off to your favorite printer, and start up your own local arraignment outreach!

Here’s what you need. Get one of the Side 1 versions:
Side 1 National
Side 1 NH
Then download Side 2.

Send them off to your favorite printer. I have had good experience with Liberty Activist Printing

Discuss arraignment “Don’t Take the Plea Bargain” outreach here on the Free Keene Forum.

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  1. Copies of this should be in every home! AND in your vehicle! TU Free

  2. This is targetting people already under duress from being subject to legal action with advice that absolutely no lawyer, or licensed practicing individual in the world would EVER suggest to their client.

    Thankfully you are offering them a golden handshake due to the tort of negligence through misstatement of fact, or possibly even malicious misinformation. I’m hoping the United States still has some semblance of a tort system in force and haven’t screwed up the laws too badly.

    But to any and all people receiving these flyers; if things turned out worse for wear for you you can sue FreeKeene for offering unqualified legal advice, suggesting you do not consider any plea arrangements, and I strongly suggest you do so if you were negatively impacted by ignoring any plea deals that were offered to you.

    It won’t undo the damage done, or the time you will ultimately serve if you give the whole justice system the kind of attitude problem people like Ian Freetard do, but it’ll give you a good cash payout and probably shut down this network of pseudo-legal woo peddlers.

    Google freemen on the land and click the first link (should be rational wiki) and see just how insane this mob are before listening to their advice.

  3. I think it would fair to say that some people that choose the name Freeman do believe in conspiracies. Ian “Freetard” as you called him does not believe in conspiracies. The purpose of the don’t take a plea outreach is not to help people win their freedom through some trick learned from conspirators and in fact is not about “winning” in court at all. If you disagree with someone and think they are foolish you should attack them but when you do so with false information you look foolish. Ian has a lot of beliefs that are not mainstream that you could “out” him to the public on. The only problem with that is he does not keep any of his views secret. Kudos though, this was well written and much better than most.

  4. If you don’t agree with what their saying, why take the time out of your day to visit a site and commentthat doesn’t really get a lot of hits in a day?

    And do you, yourself, practice law, Sir?

  5. Yes don’t take the plea deal!  And enjoy your many years in prison.  I think the situation in this country is insane too, and that the police are tyrannical.  But what good does it do to let yourself get screwed worse than you are?  Unless you actually are totally innocent of the crime, what’s to be gained by going to prison?  If I’m missing something, tell me.  I’m open minded.

  6. I think they are correct if the person is charged with petty traffic or smoking violation. However, you can get the same effect by hiring an attorney. Once your attorney mentions trial, many of these silly charges get dismissed.

    Serious charges are a totally different story. Plea bargains are a type of extortion. It goes like this: plead guilty (and wave all of your rights) OR go to trial and we will seek a prison sentence that is 10 times longer than the plea deal. Often with plea deals, charges are reduced and no jail time is required at all. It is a very serious thing and should not be taken lightly. I think this pamphlet does a great disservice by not pointing this out. If  you ever face a plea deal, for example a 5 year plea deal vs. a 40 year prison sentence if you are convicted at trial, it can be one of the toughest decisions you will ever make…. even if you are in fact innocent! Innocent people plead every day of the week.

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