Free State Hater Pam Martens Leaves NH?

You may recall her letters to the editor or her articles in Counterpunch – one thing they had in common was they were packed full of misinformation. Pam Martens and her husband Russ, have been on an anti-free-state crusade for years, ever since they discovered liberty activists moving into the Monadnock region. Pam ignored all attempts to reach out to her for a discussion and continued to publish her anti-free-state conspiracy theories (that we are all tools of and funded by the billionaire Koch brothers) in as many places as possible.

Then, she put their house on the market in Westmoreland. It has sold. Rumor has it they have moved to Florida, as so many statists do. If you can confirm this rumor somehow, I’d appreciate it.

Pam, thank you for all the free publicity, and enjoy your statist paradise down in Florida. Hopefully more people who support aggression, as you do, will also choose to leave New Hampshire. It will make liberty activists’ job much easier, as more continue moving in every week!

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