What To Do About Central Square

I attended the unofficial city gathering this evening at City Hall to listen to what people had to say about the use of Central Square. In a nutshell, what it came down to is people needing to be respectful of others and take responsibility for their actions. Yes, it’s a public area, but that only means to me that EVERYONE should feel comfortable being there. Many townspeople aren’t happy with the swearing, the aggressive acts (fighting, yelling, etc) they witness, people getting screamed at and even threatened for sitting on park benches and observing what is taking place at the park. I happen to also not be happy with my community treating others in this way.

The atmosphere has changed drastically in the past year. Last summer I loved hanging out there and I felt that despite some civil disobedience (I even proudly partook in much of it), it was non-threatening and peaceful. Now, I don’t enjoy being there or even walking through the park. And I certainly don’t walk through it at night if I’m alone. This isn’t ok with me.

Unfortunately at the meeting it seemed that the room became divided: they weren’t members of the community so much as ‘freestaters’ and ‘juggalos’ and angry townspeople and business owners.  So, instead of blaming a ‘group’ or ‘gang’ or ‘those people,’ what can we, as an entire community, do to make this popular hangout spot an area for people of all ages?

Some ideas I have heard through the grapevine to make the park more comfortable for all were curfews and surveillance cameras. I personally don’t like either of these options.  On October 26th there will be an official City Council meeting to talk about what to do, and if anyone has some positive/constructive ideas I sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to attend this meeting, or even submit a letter to City Council.

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