Letter to the Editor (from Jail)

Ian Freeman

[Ian sent this letter to the Keene Sentinel editors from jail via Mail-to-Jail]

Ian Freeman
825 Marlboro Rd.
Keene, NH 03431

Letter to the Editor (from Jail)

More Police Will Not Stop Robberies, Violence, and Theft in Keene.

Many Keene inhabitants are rightly concerned with the recent incidents of real crimes like robberies, thefts, fights, and even murder. It is understandable that Β typical response amounts to, “We need more police on the streets!”

Unfortunately, this only provides the illusion of security. The police cannot be everywhere at once. Even they will tell you they usually arrive on-scene after a crime has already ben committed. If they manage to find the money to hire another officer or two, the politicians can pat themselves on the back and pretend they have done something about crime. At best, more police only addresses a symptom – not the root cause of most of these crimes.

What is the root cause? Drug prohibition. Don’t believe me? Any honest policemen will tell you 80% of them want money to buy illegal drugs. The recent tragic murder in Keene wasn’t some random fight between friends, as has been suggested here in the Sentinel. The fight was over $100 in cocaine and the victim was attempting to collect the debt.

This should all sound very familiar to those who’ve paid attention to history. It all happened before nearly 100 years ago during the prohibition of alcohol. Crime rose dramatically and the profits available to those willing to flaunt the law gave rise to gangs and the violence that is all too familiar. Even the police in many cases could not resist the corrupting influence.

Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine addicts can all support their habit with a regular job. Total drug decriminalization would allow drugs to be distributed in the open market rather than the shadowy black market – decreasing prices dramatically, and removing most of the crime associated with those high prices. Purity and consistency of products will improve, reducing overdoses. Dosage instructions and safety information will be easily available – reducing harm to users. Addicts will be more likely to seek help, as they won’t fear arrest.

A solution like this will require real political courage. Sadly, Keene’s city council recently “accepted as informational” my proposal to stop enforcing drug prohibition in Keene. That means they refused to have even a public hearing on the issue. Apparently they’d rather keep you and your family at risk of drug-related violence and property crime. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. All of history proves the continued failure of the “War on Drugs”, which is really a war on our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. After decades of millions of arrests of dealers and users (which destroy further the people they are supposed to “help”), and trillions of dollars spent, drugs are as popular as ever, if not more so.

Don’t believe me? Ask the cops at LEAP. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They have all the studies and statistics you could want. Visit LEAP.cc for more.

Drug prohibition creates more problems and solves none. Aggression in the form of arrests will not solve this problem. Only compassion can help addicts. War is not compassion. Until politicians are willing to seriously look at the issue rather than brushing it under the rug, you can expect the crime to continue unabated.

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  1. he's right about this. But i have one concern about legalizing weed. Wouldn't Big Tobacco compaines take over all the business from small growers and dealers? If they legalize it, they should make a requirement that bans big business from getting into the business

  2. Legalizing Drugs Will Not Stop Robberies, Violence, and Theft in Keene.

  3. Somebody keeps changing their name or using different names, i dont know which, but i garuntee that the second poster is one of these people that always gets on here and defends the cops and the government

  4. @blackie: You're right, because nothing will stop robberies, violence and theft from ever happening. Prohibition and police aggression certainly doesn't work either. The goal is to lessen the occurrences of these violent crimes. The facts are that these crimes will and do diminish when prohibition is ended. Just look to the history of alcohol prohibition in the US.

    I choose compassion and not aggression. This article is great!

  5. Or he is a troll?

  6. Dr. Ian Bernard, Criminologist – save proclaimed Messiah of all things Keene has spoken. Gather round everyone, Ian Freeman the jailbird has the answer to solving rape, murder, assaults and drunk driving deaths! All these crimes are a result of drugs being illegal….who da thunk. Legalize crack and sit back and watch pedophilia just magically VANISH.

    So when the EMT "stole" Ian's camera a year or so ago he was yelling like a little girl in the street "Help! POLICE!" – it was because of drug prohibition? LOL

  7. *self proclaimed* – for all the wordsmiths out there who can only focus on spelling errors.

  8. @matt

    Personal attacks on Ian do no harm to this message. It is correct and the path we should follow.

  9. yea…Ian may say "i wish there were more flowers in the world" and trolls like matt would eviscerate him for it……. thats the hallmark of a TROLL…..

    but they aren't smart enough to know that they are making themselves look bad….lol (not making Ian look bad)

  10. 80% of the police want money to buy drugs?? Don't they just use the stuff they take from the folks they arrest??

    While a lot of crime IS commited by drug users looking for easy money,is there anything that suggests that those people would be clean,sober members of society if drugs were legal? Would they just get jobs to buy drugs,supposedly cheaper? What about addictive personalities,making drugs easier to get would only give one more avenue of abuse that is legal. And as said above,what about the crimes that are in no way related to drugs? We could make them legal,too,get rid of the police altogether. I am not in favor of the 'War on Drugs" ,it has cost everyone way too much,and there is too much profit being made on both sides. I am in favor of getting rid of the marijuana laws,treat it like alcohol with the same restrictions.If this doesn't make sense to you,too bad,I don't have all the answers either.

    Why do you think blackie is just one of the same posters with another name? And what differance does it make? —bil (I am the same poster with the same name)

  11. Bil = Trol. (winky smiley face)

  12. Thank you! —Trol ; )


    I am posting with my usual email address. That is available to site.admin.

    "blackie" has indeed posted here before, and to me, that sounds like the "blackie" I have come to

    know and love….


    Have you guessed me yet? I'm the slime oozing out of your TVset…

    And, ———————->

  14. reality*checkers

    is kok

  15. Mr. Rick Van Wickler is the Superintendent of the Cheshire County House of Corrections. In plain Contemporary Native American English, he's the county jail boss…He's a L.E.A.P. speaker, and recruiter.

    (Disclaimer: In Oct. 2009, I attended an indoctrination seminar, featuring a propaganda PowerPoint, and speaker. I drank the Kool-Aid. I paid $2. I got the cool little badge-looking lapel pin. It says: "Peace, Honor, Health, Discretion". I am a L.E.A.P. member. I am a plain-clothes, deep-cover, Federal Investigative Agent, employed through Treasury, with a cover as a Social Security Administration and USPS Postal Inspector. As the direct result of my short stint as an Army Ranger with the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, KY, I was assigned to Army Intel HQ at the Pentagon, and then assigned to the field out of Ft. Drum. My orders were to maintain cover until relieved, and assist as requested, any level of gov't.LEO. My orders specified that I was to look into Medicare & Medicaid fraud, and the diversion of legal, Rx pharmaceuticals to the "black", or street market", and the financial & "white-collar" crimes resulting, especially among doctors, and "Agencies" such as "Monadnock Family Services". (The "Community Mental Health Centers" largely function as conduits and outlets for the dispersion of both legal, and illegal drugs onto the streets of America, and as "fronts" to facilitate the financial transactions & profit streams…Together, they are responsible for uncountable $BILLIONS$/year in fraud…) Trouble is, the fucking brass at the Pentagon are a bunch of booze-addled lushes, and incompetent nincompoops. By the time I got my feet established in the "underground drug scene", my C-of-C("chain of command") had all either retired, been indicted, committed "suicide"(with or without "help"…), or been found by me to be hopelessly corrupted by the "system", and thus beyond trustworthy… *ALL* of this is the *DIRECT*, *INEVITABLE*, and *DESIGNED* and *DESIRED* *RESULT* of Nixon's "War On (some) Drugs" (sometimes)… The original impetus for this hidden, "shadow" *COVERT* gov't system, was the Liquor / tobacco / drug("legal") industries. Those industries in turn were born of a devils' bargain between the leading GLOBAL gov'ts and industrialists / bankers. Now, about Mr. Van Wickler. Q?: What's his background?…A: Army. ARE*YOU*GETTING*IT*YET*???…..We don't have the drug problem that America DOES*HAVE, **IN**SPITE** of the "War on Drugs", Rather, America has the drug problem she has, *BECAUSE*OF* the "War on Drugs". (I could get in to Nixons' bisexuality, and his dalliances with J. Edgar Hoover, but that's not "family friendly" material fit for "FreeKeene"…TTYL, kids…~tKoK.

  16. Sorry, the first one is for you, king.

  17. Yes, "david-keene", "reality*checkers" is the screen name I used last week, when last I logged on to this computer. It was "saved" here, when I logged on today, despite said computer having been run through several "shut down" and "restart" cycles, and having been hand-deleted by me, several times. I even hacked into the boot registry, and got fire-walled by some cool script that looks Czech or Ukranian, so I don't think it's "our side" doing it, but, NSA & NRO(Naval Reconnaisance Office) does sometimes use East European or Chinese -looking script as *DOMESTIC*COVER*…(International borders ceased to be relevant to global "law enforcement agencies" with the first orbit of Sputnik…)…////……So, yes, "david-keene", stop calling everybody whose posts on here, you don't like, a fucking *TROLL*…*I'M**SICK**OF**YOUR**SHIT**MOTHERFUCKER**…..(I'm still working on those fatal expletives…are you dead yet, "david-keene"???…NO?…Oh well, "sticks and stones…"~tKoK.

  18. Thank-you, "David"…~tKoK.

  19. one thing i hope id never do is scream for the cops like a girl. I guess Ian screamed for the cops when the EMT stole his camera. He said, "that EMT stole my private property. Id like to file a complaint because he violated my right to my property." Property is theft – Proudhon

  20. We may both be assholes, king, but only good assholes know Zappa(smiley face flipping off the freekeeners).

  21. "video reinaction"???…they mean "re-enactment"???…MLK sure is hot property. I bet MLK still makes $millions$ / year in royalties…Thank-you, "bil", for the link to MLK's "Letter From Birmingham Jail"…No, "4:20" in the Common, or the "right" to drink beer openly, and display naked female breasts in public, is *NOT* anywhere near as "important" as CIVIL*RIGHTS…Ian is *NOT*, and never will be, "EQUAL" to MLK in importance, but still, the parallels are there. The parallels are there. I wonder what Church "David", and "matt" preach at? As stupid as I think it was, for Ian to stand in front of a cop car, I think it is *EVEN*STUPIDER* that he's in jail because of it. Yes, I find *ALL* NH judges, and especially the State & County "CSO"s, to be every bit the legitimate target of non-violent protest that the White Southern segregationists were. Ian's cause is just, no matter how mis-guided his tactics may be. And, better the non-violent stupidity of Ian & now Jason Talley, than to have too many more Thomas Ball, jr.'s., because black robes make excellent gasoline wicks . And, I flic my Bic in solidarity…….. *SEMPER*FIDELIS*MORBIDUS*, America, Semper Fidelis Morbidus.~tKoK.

  22. TO: "David":

    …I heard one of the 9/11 hijackers was actually Arab royalty…his real name was Sheik Yirbouty…(…you're welcome!…)~tKoK.

  23. TO: "David":

    Seriously, dude, i just clicked on your first of those 3 links above, *AFTER* I posted the post right before this one!…"Great minds think alike…???…WTF…???…~tKoK.

  24. Who'd x-pect a friggin' EMT to snatch a cell fone? Course Ian squealed, smashcap. He's sure cowboyed up now. Thanks, Judge Arnold, for giving Ian the best *FREE* Vacation, and *FREE*STAY* at the new Cheshire County *FREEDOM*TRAINING*CAMP*. Ian will be out soon, bigger, better, badder than ever!…

  25. In a previous post, Lpviper suggested that, if "FreeKeeners" are not being good neighbors, I should "call them out as hypocrites.

    FreeKeeners, I am calling you out as hypocrites!

    We were born with TWO ears and only ONE mouth. That means we were meant to LISTEN twice as much as we talk. What has been experienced during all of this is “sealed ears and flapping lips”.

    Unfortunately, attempts at civil discussion with you are met with shouting down, subject changing, name calling (“Statist”, “Sheep”, "Troll" etc…).

    I understand that the members of this movement are passionate in your beliefs, but you need to LISTEN to the concerns of others, and stop resorting to yelling and name calling when someone disagrees with you. The constant spewing of loudly delivered rhetoric at people who feel ignored and disrespected will not win them over.

  26. tKoK-you have been 'incountry' too long,gone native.Why do you think I was sent,man-it was to watch over you! They are starting to get suspicious back at the Agency-I covered for you,said it was all part of an extremely cunning plan.They went for it,but be careful-there are Feds in town! —bil

  27. Of *COURSE* there are "Feds" in town, "bil", who the fuck do you think works at the post office, and the military recruiters, for instance???…And, there's always an "AIP", (Agent In Place) for the Secret Service, in case O'Dumbo flaps his ears into Dillant-Hopkins…What, me worry? Relax, I'm writing a book, OK???…sheesh, you're as bad as that "keene-david" character!!!…~tKoK.

  28. I told people i was the commander of an anarchist militia and was fighting a group called the triple six crew. They said "somebody left the computer at the psych ward unattended again."

  29. They always leave that thing logged in-I don't know why.Anyone could use it! —bil

  30. πŸ™‚ i have a picture now peace

  31. good riddance to kok

  32. that's not me……… it's the wrong end of the cow!!!

  33. the ones without the cow picture are that mental patient kok………..GOOD RIDDANCE

  34. I realize some people hide their names from their words:I attach my name to my words unlike those people and I own every word I say..Unlike those people.

  35. one other quick note before he gets ZERO mention from me: I see kok/impersonater/brad around town for years ..and he has never ever said anything like the trash talk he does in here for zero reason…

    EVER and I have seen him for YEARS …and all this non sense is unprovoked..well I will cross the street when I see him now

  36. πŸ™‚

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  38. *@bil: you can get the smiley faces by typing the emoticons as colons, pancreases, semi-colons, and stuff like that. paraentheseses 4 mouths…like that, you troll-bait…kd.

  39. :>)

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  41. arrow noses screwq it up πŸ™‚

  42. troll:)

  43. It's INTERESTING that there are TWO write ups in Free Keene,(ian freemans website) ,two write ups regarding the arrest of I'm not saying jason shouldn't be wrote about on here; he should,but Ian,the creator of the site and host of ftl, having TWO court dates GETS ZIP!?

    I'm not a blogger so It's not on me to do it.

    Anyway,THAT'S IT.

  44. key board acted up…sry about that ….hopefully people will make sense of what I said

  45. : ) ; ( Testing emoticons.I tried with the conons and pancreases,also that curly thing they use for 'at' and an ampersand,I may be an ass to risk it.Thanks,keene-david. —bil PS -are you any relation to the keene-david that had a hotel in Jeruselem?

  46. No. That was theJERUSALEMofKEENE. Thnx 4 askin', tho-.~tKoK….try: colon / parentheseas…:)

  47. HUH?… πŸ™‚

  48. key: "space bar"… πŸ™‚

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