Shire Choir Performs in State Liquor Store

CONCORD – After a spirited rally in front of the New Hampshire State House, liberty activists opposed to the ongoing prohibition and prosecution of peaceful people marched to a nearby State-owned liquor store to point out the hypocrisy of a State that sells one type of drug while caging people for selling another. Ironically this state’s motto is “Live Free or Die,” though it is surrounded by other states that have more lenient drug laws, many having enacted some form of decriminalization for the possession of cannabis.

The first song that the Shire Choir sang at State Liquor Store #1 was “A Lay of Anslinger.” The words of both songs are by Richard Only. This song is to the tune of “Away in a Manger”:

Shire Choir sings “Violent Blight” at State Liquor Store #1 to the tune of Silent Night:

Courtesy of NH Liquor & Wine Outlets

The opening song is Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire and is dedicated to the men and women employed by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. These workers should find common cause with the message of the Shire Choir. Our main concern this holiday season is that all peaceful people should be released from N.H. and U.S. cages. 80 years ago, people selling liquor were killed or caged for doing the very same activity the employees of the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets do today.

Here are the lyrics to the opening of the song:

They heard me singing and they told me to stop
Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock
These days my life, I feel it has no purpose
But late at night the feelings swim to the surface

Courtesy of NH Liquor & Wine Outlets

I hope these State employees find purpose along with the Shire Choir and support having the freedom to trade drugs like liquor, coffee, cannabis or whatever else an individual decides to put into his or her body. I’m not much of a drinker but if someone wants to drink responsibly then I have no problem with their choice. The same goes for cannabis consumption which has been found to be far less harmful than alcohol consumption.

The puzzle is why does the State lock up one type of drug dealer, as they allege Beau Davis to be, while the New Hampshire Liquor Commission employs others? Some tell me it’s because the State brings in over 1/2 a billion dollars. But if this money is spent to lock up peaceful people, like cannabis merchants and consumers, then what is the point?

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  1. So basically – you sang a song to what appears to be a store employee that didn't appreciate it or even understand what on earth any of you were doing or trying to accomplish. In short – this group accomplished absolutely nothing other than make the employee find the group to be nothing more than a nuisance; I am sure she didn't hear a single word of the parody.

  2. I disagree, Matt. They have created a topic of discussion on the ridiculous hypocrisy of the prohibition laws. By video recording and posting this we now have many other individuals engaged in the conversation. Real change comes from new ideas. Activism is presenting these ideas.

  3. To sell $534 million per year worth of alcohol, a substance that can kill you, while jailing people for using a naturally occuring plant that has been used as medicine for centuries seems a might hypocritical in the "live free or die state" .

    Nationally, the United States jails more people than ANY OTHER COUNTRY, largely because of the prohibition of marijuana. Marijuana, the substance itself according to Drug war Facts kills ZERO people per year. Alcohol, the substance alone kills over 150,000 per year. State hypocrisy? You decide.

  4. They created a topic of discussion? LMAO. Nothing new there at all – organizations like NORML have been around forever – and the same, lame whining comparison of alcohol effects being worse than dope is NOT WORKING. I am all for the end of marijuana laws, but this little stunt did nothing except get the same people who are passionate about the topic continuing to talk and discuss the same, lame whining comparisons. I GET IT. YOU GET IT. TALLEY GET'S IT. Now – get the people who create/repeal laws to get it – sing this silly song to them, not some minimum wage worker who has a store to run.

  5. Concerning the creation / repeal of laws. The law under RSA 318-B requires that the Commisioner of Health and Human Services in New Hampshire publish the NEW HAMPSHIRE controlled drug schedule. The laws governing publication of statutes are under RSA 21:32 , this section of law indicates the New Hampshire controlled drug schedule is to be published in a Newspaper in New Hampshire.

    Guess what ? It has never happened….."they" don't follow their own laws" ….imagine that.

  6. No victim. No crime? lol

  7. I liked what Tanya said and the way she said it.

    She brang me more on board with her comment. 🙂

  8. Good grief – spelling errors and poor grammar is one thing – but "brang"…?. You get more stupid by the day; I didn't think it possible – NO WONDER THE STATE HAS TO PAY YOU WITH TAX MONEY TO SURVIVE. Leech.

  9. Well written Tanya. 🙂 Thanks

  10. Lets try to stick to things you know about Matt and stay on topic please…

  11. Things I know about? You mean, like – er….english/actual words – or the fact you're a tax pilfering hypocrite?

  12. I know "matt" is fixated on me…but the tread is about what the tread is about….

    ON TOPIC and things you KNOW about lol bye "matt" (fake name)

    done feeding the trolls

    get a life; fixate on someone else psycho…

  13. Nice try David-Keene. You're not going to get off that easily. I will continue to remind others of your hypocrisy and your continual leeching of our tax dollars so you can live – for FREE. Pathetic. And here you thought I would go away…lol. Not gonna happen.

  14. ok psycho.

    dont feed the trolls

  15. The site is SUPPOSE to be about the subject if the blog.

    Not your fixation on me and your made up information about me.



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