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February 15, 2012

Don’t Strip Our Rights featured on the Huffington Post.

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February 13, 2012

On the morning of Jan. 20th, I headed off to the Manchester airport to tell the TSA “Don’t Strip Our Rights” in response to the unnecessary and invasive strip searches of elderly ladies Lenore Zimmerman, Linda Kallish, and Ruth Sherman by TSA agents at NYC’s Kennedy airport in December. Wearing nothing but pink lingerie in below freezing weather, I passed out TSA related literature both inside and outside of the airport and attempted to connect with individuals who were traveling to and from New Hampshire; taking the opportunity to educate them about the immorality inherent in the TSA’s standard procedures, the oppressive and tyrannical federal government, and the ideas of liberty.

My demonstration of peaceful resistance was so well received that Derrick J. Freeman and I decided to hold another “Don’t Strip Our Rights” event on Thursday, Feb. 2, again at the Manchester airport. We handed out over 250 flyers in our underwear while avoiding any initiation of force against us by agents of the state. A Londonderry police officer even affirmed that doing this is our right as granted by the constitution.

This form of activism, for me, is not without a fair amount of risk. Due to the fact that I am free on personal recognizance because of actions I took on January 9th when I was arrested for chalking “Free Ademo” on the front of the Manchester District Court building; if I am arrested again for any reason, I could be caged on charges of contempt of court until March 22, which is my next court date for the chalking. In addition to the risk involuntarily imposed upon me and my actions by the state, Derrick J. is currently out on bail for actions he took in his “Give Peace A Chance” arrest last September. His bail conditions can be viewed in detail at, and the key condition is that he refrain from partaking in any action which results in another arrest.

After careful consideration of the inherent risk to reward ratio, Derrick and I each still decided to participate in this important anti-TSA activism. I hope that our actions show others that they too can stand up for their rights without having force initiated against them by the oppressors.

Therefore, I am asking for others to join me in telling the TSA “Don’t Strip Our Rights”. While I cannot guarantee the actions of law enforcement officers in cities across America, I can guarantee that if any force or caging is initiated against any peaceful person participating in a “Don’t Strip Our Rights” event, that it will be very public and that I will personally invest my utmost efforts and resources into making those initiating the force or caging look very, very bad.

In consideration of this fact of matter; if you believe as I do that TSA procedures are conducted in direct violation of inherent human rights and are therefore a crime against humanity, I ask that you take this as an opportunity to stand up to tyranny and oppression and make the choice to participate in this event at your local airport. And yes, I am available to travel to your city to participate in your event 🙂

Video of Don’t Strip Our Rights held at the Manchester airport, Thursday Feb. 2

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January 27, 2012

“Don’t Strip Our Rights”, held at the Manchester airport on Friday, Jan. 20th, was a huge success in large part due to the many talented liberty media representatives from Free Keene, Cop Block, and Ladies in Keene who covered the event, Adam of Marijuana Muscle who is including it in a video project he is working on which focuses on the activism here in Keene, Free Keene blogger Jason Rapsher who so expediently released this video the day after the event, and to my video editor/graphics designer Beau Davis for creating the awesome flier and video you see featured in this post; his work speaks for itself.

Additionally, I must thank the individuals at the airport who were acting as agents of the state for doing the right thing that day.  They regarded me with the same level of respect in which I regarded them and did not interfere with my peaceful demonstration by initiating any force such as arrest and/or caging against me.

I plan to return to the Manchester airport on Groundhog Day, Thursday, Feb. 2 to do it again, this time with a guest activist; to be announced.

The main goals of this event are to raise awareness of the violations on natural rights inherent in standard TSA procedures, to educate others on the ideas of liberty, and to promote a truly peaceful society.

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Visit Natural Born Anarchist to read the full text of the literature I was handing out in the video.


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  1. It isn't "Kelly vs. the TSA" until you actually start giving THEM (the TSA) shit. You haven't done that at all; I think we all now why too. You're just a Hooters Waitress handing out paper to people. Typical FK bullshit….playing it safe and pretending it's something only those with true courage can do.

  2. dont worry matt, when the tsa is abolished you can just get your little sister to grope you.


    Well well well…..looks like we got a new FK addict here named Chase. Whoop Whoop – and if comments speak volumes, it appears he is as big a dumb fuck as david. Ya know it IS possible to be a dick on here and also be amusing all at the same time – learn how please. You're not good at either.

  4. Go Kelly! Thank you for demonstrating against the abusive and sick disaster that is our airport security theater. A TSA screener raped me at BWI. She shoved a metal detecting wand up between my legs and inside my body which is included in the FBI's new definition of rape. These violent bullies at TSA are harming innocent men, women, and children We all need to stand against TSA and for the American people.

  5. The United States was recently "down graded" to #47 among the world's countries for "freedom". Of course the United States is STILL #1 in prison population and invading foreign countries.

    Thanks Kelly, this (TSA) is an issue that needs people to voice their objections.

  6. 😉

  7. You go girl, have fun with it but stay safe.

  8. @Walter

    Im not even close to enough, give me more, I want more!!

  9. Clever stuff, musta been cold outside though. BRRRRRRR Anyone know the song name?

  10. [Typical FK bullshit….playing it safe and pretending it’s something only those with true courage can do.]

    Matt, what do you do or what have you done?

  11. ben,

    what " matt" does is sit on his fat ass the library dragging others down from his keyboard .. because he is jealous of people DOING..he is one of THOSE …Right "matt" ! but of course he has ALL the answers…

  12. I think Matt has is own computer as do I, unlike you david who only gets 30 minute blocks of troll time.

  13. Benjamin – I'll tell you what I do….I work and when I don't work I volunteer my time to things that REALLY matter… and hospice. And I do this because I am FREE. If the "Chalking 8" morons took one ounce of effort from scribbling in chalk to help a family or a person who is terminally ill….what a world we would live in. Yeah david……check the time when I post this……and tell me what time the library closes. MORON. You have a habit of using other people's insults and then using them like they are your own.

    What do you do david….?….besides BEG for rides on people's facebook walls to events….only to be told things like uh…sorry buddy…got a full load….maybe next time. Even your own brethren think you're a dolt. LOL.


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