Is the Bearcat a rescue vehicle, as was suggested by city councilors?

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LENCO, the manufacturer of the BEARCAT, has this video on their youtube channel. As you can see, this vehicle is all about making the police feel as militaristic as possible – it’s not a “safety” vehicle as is being touted in the Sentinel. Searching google for “Special Missions Public Safety Vehicle”, as it has been referenced, reveals articles about Keene, but nothing from LENCO or elsewhere. Clearly, LENCO didn’t just go and make up a new model just for Keene, NH, so it’s more accurate to call it by its actual acronym: “Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck

This is not a rescue vehicle…at least not for you. The “LE”, or Law Enforcement iteration of this armored personnel carrier has on its website as a feature: “open floorplan allows for response and rescue of downed personnel“. (emphasis added)

Please come out this Thursday and speak to the city commission on this matter. They need to hear from as many people as possible that it was a mistake to listen to the cops over the people. They need to get the message that Keene doesn’t want this monstrosity.

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