State Agents Arrest, Cage Ryan Over $4 Fee

Shire activist Ryan Maddox was arrested on Friday, February 3rd, 2012. His alleged crimes? Theft, disorderly conduct, and placing others in danger. Then when arrested, he was charged with another “crime,” resisting his own kidnapping. Listen to him describe the incident which started it all…

(*Note* The date on this video mistakenly shows 1.04.2012 when it should actually read 1.14.2012, which is the day after the incident occurred.)
Ryan will NOT be taking a plea deal for the outrageous charges that followed this incident:

To learn his charges, continue reading…

In the words of the state agents who arrested him, Ryan did “purposely exercise unauthorized
control over the property of another, to wit, a $4.00 parking fee, which was owed to the Manchester-Boston regional Airport with the purpose to deprive the owner thereof, AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE.”

This is a Class B Misdemeanor, which means it is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.

The charges continue:

The agents claim Ryan “recklessly created a risk thereof, by disrupting the orderly conduct of the business, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, by refusing to pay his fee and block traffic, AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE.”

This is a Class A Misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year in jail AND a $1,000 fine. This second charge seems to contradict the first. If he was being a thief, then he wouldn’t block up traffic; he would escape. This charge seems to suggest that he was having a conversation with the toll collector, as he states in his video testimony. This language is flowery and severely written by an agent who was not present at the scene of the alleged “crimes.”

The charges continue…

A 3rd charge, another Class A Misdemeanor, “Placing others in Danger” “The defendant did recklessly engage in conduct, by quickly accelerating his vehicle forward and backwards, causing the tires to spin, while in a confined area where people and other vehicles were located, which placed, or may have placed, the public in danger of serious bodily injury, AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE.”

This seems highly unlikely to me, seeing as I know Ryan and spend a great deal of time with him. I know him to be a peaceful person who is level-headed and calm as a buddha. There’s no way he went on a crazy spin-out like some hot-headed redneck.

To add insult to injury, agents of the state charged Ryan with a 4th crime, “Resisting Arrest.” In the words of the state agents, “the defendant did knowingly physically interfere with a person he recognized to be a law enforcement officer, to wit Police Officer Kevin M Mulcahy of the Keene Police Department, by clasping his hands in front of his chest and twisting his body in an effort to resist being handcuffed, while said officer was seeking to arrest Ryan Maddox, AGAINST THE PEACE AND DIGNITY OF THE STATE.”

I can’t be sure of the intention of any particular law, but do you the reader think that the intention of the “Resisting Arrest” charge was for actions like those described above? Call me crazy, but that sounds like a pretty typical arrest to me. What law enforcement officer doesn’t expect the people they come after to struggle? Are free people supposed to just freeze and stick out their wrists whenever a man in uniform comes by? I would imagine that if the people who wrote the “Resisting Arrest” law had any good intentions whatsoever, it was to give justice to those law enforcement officers who had been beaten and seriously injured as a result of them carrying out the course of their duties (arresting people). Someone “clasping his hands” and “twisting” should be easily overcome by any officer, especially when the person being apprehended is Ryan, who is a pretty small guy.

Why is Ryan coming forward to the public with all of this information about his case? Because he hasn’t done anything wrong, he hasn’t hurt anyone, and if anyone is committing wrongdoing, it is the agents of the state! So… will he be taking a plea deal? No way in Hades!

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  1. Oh boy! More evidence that marijuana is of no harm! Gee im sorry, I actually have no proof that Ryan smokes pot, well except for this video.

    Okay #1. Ryan was not pleased with the airline carrier so he takes it out by not wanting to pay the parking lot. Ofcourse the airlines do not own the parking lot so the logic here is just oozing out like that white foamy shit on the corners of david's mouth.

    #2. He attempted robbery by trying to leave the parking lot and not paying the fee we all agree to pay if we park there. So his argument for harrasment is equal to that of a mugger complaining the old lady struggled to keep her purse.

    #3. Not sure really what vitamin deficiency or inbalance of chemicals Ryan suffers from here. With every passing day, the videos and articles here on FK grow ragingly out of control in regards to anything comprehendable.

    I will now digress and await thou defenders scribes!!

  2. Oh my fucking god. He is claiming his rights were violated? He never 'verbally consented' to the fee? Listen to him spit out the same stupid BULLSHIT over & over. You have GOT to be fucking kidding, right?

    Did I over sleep? Is it April Fool's?

    This has gone from the rediculious (to quote adam mueller) to, well, to the even more ridiculous.

  3. U MAD?

  4. So… will ryan be going to jail FOR HIS OWN STUPIDITY? You bet your bony ass, derrick.

  5. You're right, chaised. What was I thinking? I should have said:



  6. Is Ryan like, on the verge of crying every time I see him or is he just that melancholy about life!! A damn shame someon that young being that depressed.

  7. YEA U MAD.


  9. I love the categories this is filed under "corruption, economic freedom, jailed activist, thuggery". Keene, Manchester, Police & New Hampshire I get, but show me the SLIGHTEST BIT of corruption. And how did ryan's stupid attempt to evade parking fees have ANYTHING to do with economic freedom? Whining about parking fees and lack of service (from a parking lot?) constitutes 'activism'? And someone attempting to stop you from theft of services is guilty of thuggery?

    Go ahead chaised, mainedork, genius, david, lil justy, let's hear some well reasoned defense of poor ryan, the jailed activist, victim of state corruption and thuggery, whose right to economic freedom was violated.






  12. SO BRAVE, chaised, SO BRAVE.


  14. ryan, take the huge outpouring of support on this blog as a little hint. These people aren't your friends. They are using you. Don't make things worse for yourself.

    Take The Plea.

  15. I support theft by taxation if it will pay for this idiot's lobotomy. Damn…..Right when I think these fools can't possibly get anymore stupid, along comes this sad song by Ryan Maddox. LMFAO.

    "I would have paid the fee if that's what it came down to". Ryan, my dear sweet, naive honeysuckle – you've been playing darts too long at the Keene Activist Center aka Ian's house. When she told you $4.00….that WAS the fee…DER. I'm beginning to wonder if the ejaculate of Chase, Justin, david and Chaz Munro has stated to spawn inside him.

  16. So I guess I'm supposed to believe that Ryan smokes pot, while embarrassingly pathetic blog trolls are all sober. Hahaha.

  17. matt, "ejaculate"?

    don't you mean "breakfast"?

  18. No skeptikos, youre supposed to believe Ryan is a well adjusted down to earth young man with a clear head……

    As made obvious by this video.

  19. Chase, what you eat for breakfast is your own business.

  20. Poor Ryan. Brave kid. ok

  21. Ryan,

    yea, .. that is a major problem … no communication and a quick resort to the cops/state violence…thats why I'm against the bearcat……

  22. -Good evening sir, that will be 4 $ please.

    – I really didnt care for the punctuality of the airplaine, I dont think I want to pay the 4$.

    – Im sorry about your late flight sir, we are the parking lot. We are an independent entity from the airline carrier. Four dollars please.

    – Can I speak to your supervisor?

    – Hi, I am the supervisor may I help you?

    – Yes, late plane, bad service, me not pay 4 dollar for park please?

    – Sorry sir but did you not read the sign at the entrance of our lot, 4$ please?

    Does anyone have an intelligent explanation to justify this absurdity?

  23. I never made any agreement with anyone to pay any fee. Nor did I choose the flight to delayed twice, the second time for no apparent reason, nor are the options provided to consumers preferable. If I were aware of other alternatives, I may have made different choices given the conditions.

    Because I was ignorant of other alternatives, does not mean I deserve any of this. I did not deserve to be threatened and manipulated by Mr. Padellero of the MPD over telephone, nor did I deserve to be abducted by force and held against my will by Benjamin Nugent and Kevin Mulcahy of the KPD. I did not deserve to be verbally abused by incompetent parking garage employees. The parking employees, especially the supervisor, should have acted professionally. They didn't. They acted insane. They refused to let us speak, never stopped interrupting and yelling at us, and escalated everything. They escalated by threatening to call the police over $4.

    I didn't commit robbery. I verbally expressed my dissatisfaction (perhaps misplaced in hindsight; yes I admit to having made errors. And once again that does not justify at all how these people (parking garage employees, MPD, KPD) are behaving.) and was never absolutely committed to not paying the fee. I might have paid the fee, but not after being treated that way. Those two parking garage employees have absolutely no customer service skills or basic decency, and obviously cannot handle the slightest bit of criticism, from my experience. They should be fired for their conduct. They had absolutely no reason to act so aggressive towards us, when we calmly and politely voiced a service concern.

    What may be obvious to some of you, may not be obvious to everyone else in all contexts. Therefor, if it's as simple as "Bring your complaint to the airlines…We are a separate company." as I later found out (but not from the Parking Garage employees themselves who had ample time to share that information), then they should have said so. They neglected to actually ever explain any policy or agreement, verbal or otherwise that they claim I committed to.

    You cannot reasonably say I made an agreement to pay a fee by the mere action of collecting a ticket, when upon collection, I call into question the quality or validity of a service, and rather than explain in any amount of depth the policy or agreement they perceive, yell at me and threaten to call the police.

    There was no reason for their hostility. If they overreacted and assumed we were hostile by calmly and politely expressing disagreement and unwillingness to pay a fee, then that's their fault and they need to be held accountable.

    I am completely responsible for my choices. I may have acted poorly in some regard in this instance, but I have yet to harm or actually deprive any individual.

    And without a doubt, this isn't over $4. There's no reason that they cannot still obtain this $4 from me but they're never going to get it from me. Instead, the thugs in the KPD and MPD are determined to escalate this further with forced appearances, jail or other forms of tribute, when they had absolutely no relationship to this incident. The disparity is incredible.

    And if I've truly acted wrong and people feel overwhelmingly that I did, then I will act to restore whoever was victimized. MPD and KPD ought to drop all the charges. They are retarding justice by creating new injustices in their escalating aggression against me.

  24. david on Wed, 8th Feb 2012 12:26 pm


    yea, .. that is a major problem … no communication and a quick resort to the cops/state violence…thats why I’m against the bearcat……

    ryan, that is the total amount of support you have received here in the last say or so. Think about it. These people are not your friends, they are using you. A friend would defend you. But who has come to your aid? Nobody. Except david. And that can hardly even be called lackluster, at best. They will use you, your conviction ( you will be convicted) and sentence ( you will quite possibly do some time) all for their own hype. Your decisions could affect a large part of your immediate future, which could dramatically alter any path you may wish to choose for your life.

    All for $4 dollars worth of parking.

    You've already made some poor choices, don't compound them further.

    Think about it.

  25. Whoops! Looks like I was writing my last post while you were posting yours. I just read yours, so, you can disregard mine.

    Like Lou Reed says, "Stick a fork in his ass and turn him over. He's done."

    Hope for your sake the prosecutor doesn't bring a copy of that to court.

  26. Hey Ryan, You contracted the moment you accepted the parking slip. The good service they provided was that you found a spot a short distance from the terminal, and when you returned, your car was exactly where you left it, safe and sound.

    Wipe the snot off your nose, and get a fucking grip. The system owns you now. Enjoy your civil bondage.

  27. Those parking garage employees probably make minimum wage…and you expect them to not only take shit from people like you all day, but also to be able to explain that they are not part of any one specific airline that you're pissed off at? LOL. What kind of grown man DOESN'T know this already? There is no customer service with a parking lot Ryan. You pay to park. Period. What did you want them to do…bake you an apple pie? Ask if your car enjoyed it's stay? Check your oil and tire pressure? Even some of the dumbest sons of bitches I know in life know that it isn't free to park in a parking garage…especially at an airport. You seem to conveniently downplay the $4….that is you've been busted for a mere $4… the question is, if the amount is so insignificant, why didn't you just pay it to begin with? These are parking garage employees……not Big Brother and they are not there to listen to your whining and griping over flight delays. Flight delays happen Ryan – unless you've been living under a rock your WHOLE life – you're just gonna have to get used to it. And you expect to have a happy voluntaryist society someday? LOL. Get real….you were wrong from the very get go….you should have just paid the $4 and headed home. I would have called the cops too – they don't get paid enough to deal with bullshit – they are paid to collect money – PERIOD. And now you want them fired… peaceful of you.

  28. Why is this the one fucking time these morons didn't have a camera.

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