It’s Baaaack! – Copblock Uploads LENCO BEARCAT Promo Video

UPDATE – Nov 2018 – Due to LENCO’s takedowns and their likely unauthorized use of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”, this video is gone from YouTube. However, it has been now uploaded to LBRY.IO and will be protected by the blockchain. Watch it here after you download the free app.

As you saw in my last post, LENCO, the manufacturer of the BEARCAT pulled their militaristic, violence-fetishizing promo video down from their youtube channel, but not before someone ripped it down to MP4. Now the folks at Copblock have uploaded it to their channel and word is other people are uploading it to their channels. Here’s the video again, for those who haven’t seen it:

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  1. Looks like Mayberry sure is changin' huh Andy?

  2. They probably promised the city council members they could go for rides once the sale went through.

  3. this is to Ian,who supposedly was going to bring the video, you're stupid if you don't bring the video and have it ready to be set up ….if you don't have it there they will say "we didnt say the video couldn't be set up" ..

    just go there and start setting the video up…. then let them so NO in front of EVERYONE…….your stupid if you dont

  4. *let them say no in front of everyone

  5. It's tempting, David. I am on a suspended sentence though, and last time I did something unusual they arrested me. There's no reason why someone who isn't under the axe couldn't try this…

  6. That's chicken-shit bullshit, Ian…

    Do the video, and go to jail if you have to…

    You know the hits & stats on both the blog and radio show always spike upwards when you're incarcerated…

    Do it for FREEDOM, Ian…

    Or are THEY controlling YOU?

  7. im sorry for using the s word but i wasmad at

  8. Why don't either of you do it? Do it for freedom.

  9. it probobly could have happened….we went…… Those councilors aren't open minded….they were just..doing us a big favor by "listening" to us…….. it was crap imo…the speakers against it spoke well…..

  10. Ha, too funny.. Keene's pop. is 23,400 and you need a military assault vehicle? For what? To repel those rapacious hordes from Mass.? Expecting a Canadian invasion? I know, it'll help protect those proto-fascists when conducting no-knock warrants at 3-4 am. That or they're just going to enjoy a puny circle jerk every time they step inside. On a slightly more serious note, your local Waffen SS will "find" here to fore unrecognized needs for it's use. No one will be safe in their home when the boys play with their toys.

  11. Our business thrives on your fear. The more you agitate against Keene's

    acquisition of their new Lenco BearCat Public Safety Vehicle, the more you convince the "powers-that-be" of it's NEED. And, that "FreeKeene" CULT that your boy Ian is running up there, was largely the catalyst for Keene's requesting and receiving it's DHS Grant to purchase it, in the first place!

    Talk among the mucky-mucks on the Council is to now also request City Manager John McLean to find $500K for a Lenco BearCat S.W.A.T. truck!

    Thanks, guys!

    And, yes, we're serious in our offer to Kelly, to see if she might want to be the

    Lenco BearKitten. Her "anti-TSA" work at Manchester Int'l Airport was


  12. why the hell are all you so against this thing? you just scared its gonna stop you from blacking out on spring street or blake street? whats the fucking big deal??!!


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