FKTV – Episode 31 – February 13th, 2012

On this weeks episode:

1. The Kiosk Parking meters will be removed.
2. Ali Havens has a Valentine’s Day message.
3. Footage from the public hearing in regards to the LENCO BEARCAT.

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  1. Riots, hostage situations, and did I hear right…lunatics in box stores? Huh..lmao ok what planet?

    The last tiime the imperial fleet attacked the rebels on ice planet Hoth, the rebels only escape was the pulse cannon..

    Steve Lindsey,

    Do you have no shame sir, do you no moral compass when you say you fear this "bearcat" will be used on you…

    My friend,, you aint all that…

    Kelly V.. Shut your filthy mouth and tuscon AZ along with it..


  2. When this summer comes and goes with no riots, hostages or lunnies in box store will you yapper hacks admit you just need tin foil hats and some good meds? I will pay for them!!

    Ademo, you shouldve been arrested for sedition and sent to Gitmo..

    To the lady at 17:50 of the video, Sweets; if you ever see that bearcat trying to get you just simply jump in front of it…No more bearcat!!

  3. At 26:30 poor ol johnny ray;

    "Looks like most of the people were anti-bearcat"

    Well yes, the people in favour of it were either at work or at home taking care of family issues.

  4. Not even the goofs at MSNBC are this easy to pick apart….

  5. Yet another episode of FKTV owned by enslave!!!

  6. Enslve,

    If it makes you feel good to say you "owned " the show…

    Um you MUST have "owned" it you said so

    You even know why everyone was there and wasn't there .. "families" etc

    You spend all your time on fk…why weren't YOU there ….I guess being on fk 24/7 is more important.. than actually showing up somewhere that your opinion actually could effect something….. maybe its because you couldn't hide behind a fake "enslave" name ..

  7. Aw david you looked so cute with your little hat on trying to act all grown up and concerned and stuff. Bet your "friends" still left you behind after when they went to all get pizza. lol

    Special Agent KINGofKEENE though…..he is my hero on this vid, even if he *does* tell me to F off all the time. "Look at this rabble"….lol – the anti Ian. Yes King, I'll F off now.

  8. David, How do you know I wasnt?

    David if I did speak, I didnt give *enslave keene as a name…

    Just an fyi, that's not my name.

  9. WE OUTED you, enslave, you're

  10. thats nice

  11. LOL – you just can't make up this much stupid. Must be Ryan Maddox has taken command of david's keyboard.

  12. Nice show y'all!

    Thanks for allocating so much time to the growing movement to keep Keene Bearcat-free!

    JJ – just a suggestion, perhaps on future postings of FKTV you could either 1) list the time stamp for each topic, or 2) hyperlink each topic to the start time on the video itself (via YouTube's "Share" > "Options" drop-down > check-box for time desired

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