“Don’t Strip Our Rights” Video Makes Huffington Post

TSAThanks to Christopher Elliott at the Huffington Post for linking to Kelly and Derrick J.’s “Don’t Strip our Rights” protest/outreach video at Manchester Airport in this article.

Oh, and you are invited to the next “Don’t Strip Our Rights” event at MHT, 2/24 at 5:30pm. It will also be a “Live Free or Dance” party. Here’s the facebook event.

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  1. Nice coverage.

    BTW – you know the 24th is during Liberty Forum – not sure how that'll impact the crew going – maybe more, maybe less.

  2. This little part near the end made me cringe:

    "I wonder: Is this the only way to get the TSA's attention? Could the more modestly-dressed passengers who agree with the protests have done anything in the last decade to keep this from happening?

    What could I have done?

    And then I remember that there was, and there still is, something I can do. We have a presidential election in a few months. And I can take action that's more effective than any underwear protest: I can vote."


  3. Not soiling your reputation through rampant drug abuse, prostitution, arrests and disrespect. That'd be a good start. Someone should tell them.

  4. Pyotr, glad you've been paying attention!


  5. Rampant drug use = New Hampshire alcohol sales 2010 $534 million

    Prostitution = fucking people (over) at the point of a gun for a paycheck…pick any bureaucrat

    Arrests = The United States has the highest prison population, most lawyers and most laws. On average it's been said average "citizens" commit 3 felonies per day.

    Disrespect = Threatening force against people that simply want to be left alone and seek a society that relies upon consensual interaction.


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