10 Reasons Why Keene Needs a BEARCAT Trifold

Here’s a PDF of a trifold that Henry Acton has created to remind folks of why we need a BEARCAT in Keene.

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  1. I don't think Keene, NH is a target for terrorists. There's nothing to gain, the 'beast' the city wants is only to put the city on tha map.

    It would be sitting in the garage, doing nothing, or used for targeting some poor sod that farted in the wrong direction.but the city can say to others without it, "HAHAHA , we have one and you don't".

    Mind you, it's supposedly not being paid for by residents, on a local forum, it's still paid through, federal tax.

    I think the elderly, disabled could benifit with the do$h used for this.

  2. Keene ISNT a target for terrorism…… Terrorists want "bang for the buck" (pun not intended) and keene doesn't provide that ….


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