How to Contact the Keene City Councilors by Cynthia C. Georgina

Former City Councilor Cynthia Georgina offers some tips on where and when to contact Keene elected officials(PDF). It’s been on the City of Keene’s website for a while but with the ongoing “Thanks but no Tanks” campaign to convince the city councilors not to put an armored attack truck on the streets of our community, now is a good time to take Cynthia up on her tips:

A Councilor can expect to get input from constituents. This may happen in the Councilor’s home, via a phone call, or it may happen in a public place when a constituent recognizes the Councilor and wants to discuss a pending matter. It can also come in the form of a letter to the editor of the local paper or a phone call to a local radio talk show.

Now is the time to make your voice heard in opposition to the BEARCAT, armored attack truck. To get you started, here is a list of councilors and their phone numbers:

(603) 352-4822 Ruth R. Venezia [at large]
(603) 352-1105 Kris Roberts [at large]
(603) 352-6736 Philip Dale Pregent [at large]
(603) 352-0421 Carl B. Jacobs [at large]
(603) 357-1340 David R. Meader [at large]
(603) 352-7185 Janis O. Manwaring [ward 1]
(603) 352-5483 Mitchell H. Greenwald [ward 2]
(603) 357-2601 Bettina A. Chadbourne [ward 2]
(603) 352-1084 David C. Richards [ward 3]
(603) 358-5016 Philip M. Jones [ward 4]
(603) 357-8761 James P. Duffy [ward 4]
(603) 357-3827 June M. Donegan [ward 5]
(603) 357-3738 Thomas F. Powers [ward 5]

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