Keene Residents Say “Thanks, But No Tanks”

Ian and I took to the streets to ask Keene residents what they think about the Lenco BEARCAT.

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  1. we can use it to mow down some of those dumbass college kids who think they dont have to look before crossing and then their parents for not teaching them mannors lol the stupidest thing i ever heard of ,keene police are spoiled way too much and are as useless as tits on a bull.

  2. Im so happy the KSC kids are against it as they terrorize Water and Roxbury Streets on a nightly basis with their peacful beer bottle throwing and lawn urinating.

  3. … but if the city council doesn't get the BEARCAT, the other city councils will make fun of Keene. You don't want THAT, do you? The city council should not be ridiculed for having a bunch of upstarts deny them a new play-toy!

    Funny how government bureaucrats and 4 year olds use the same logic so often.

  4. ex army ranger (if you are; which I doubt)

    Thank you.

    You personify why we shouldn't get one.

  5. Enslave ,

    "nightly" ?

    I think you're stretching the truth IF you even live on that street

  6. Kelley; The Bearcat issue may be the catalyst to unite Free Keene activist and town residents. One town has zero funded their police dept. They ask the sheriff’s dept. and the state police for protection. Will this phenomenon catch on? It appears the Keene police dept. is over staff. I make this judgment by some videos shown on Free Keene. Simple responses, always three cars or more on the scene. Time to cut the budget

  7. During school david it's nightly, on both streets. Im really not too concerned with what KSC stuents think of this anyway since the ones who get an education will leave Keene for good once they graduate, the other 95% will be bartending at these places.

  8. The video above should by no means be taken as a scientific survey, as it appears to represent a only one fairly specific demographic of people. That said, I expect a lot of folks are afraid of the slippery slope that ends with KPD wheeling this thing out at the drop of a hat. If Keene can set an example as a most responsible, thoughtful and courteous police force, and wield this particular sword with respect and carefulness, I would be comfortable with the acquisition of a Bearcat. However while KPD doesn't have a particularly bad reputation, it's probably not so sterling either.

    There are some really terrible human beings on this planet who can and will do awful things to innocent people and sometimes the Police have a legitimate need for tactics and equipment that are above and beyond normal everyday traffic stop stuff. Let's not forget that the American public is purchasing more and more "tactical-style" weapons of their own and technically nothing outside of an individual's own conscience and fear of arrest will stop them from shooting up a shopping mall.

    In a perfect world, people who aren't breaking any laws should have nothing to fear from law enforcement. Unfortunately the world we live in is not perfect. I understand the fears and doubts about this thing. I also understand its value in the world we live in. I'm not concerned about the money. As I understand it, the Bearcat is being offered to Keene essentially for free.. taxpayers would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep, the costs for which would probably disappear next to the costs paid for schools, roads, fire trucks, etc.

    Cliffnotes: if I were 100% confident in KPD to use this thing responsibly, I'd be fine with it. I'm not 100% confident in them though.

  9. Still waiting for somebody to explain how this "not a tank" is a "grant" from the Federal government to the City of Keene.

    Where did / does the Federal government get the money to bestow "grants" if not from the people that populate the municipalities or organizations that seek these grants? It sure seems alot like the money gets taken from people, sent to Washington D.C. for shrinkage and then "returned" via toys for cops and future debt for people….what am I missing here?

  10. Also, I'd like to know if LENCO has paid royalties to AC/DC for using their song in its promotional video.

  11. Henry – well, when you decide to leave Sweden behind and actually come to Keene, you might actually see why MOST city residents support our police. But you keep watching those videos Mayor and let us know how shit works here from across the pond.

    And yes david – water street is a friggen zoo – I have friends with small kids on that street and the noise, vandalism and partying is a constant problem. But of course since they are "my" friends, you probably don't give a shit.

  12. KSC Students are so embarrassingly stupid – they almost make david look like a member of Mensa.

  13. I have KSC students on the other side of my wall for years ..and they have always been cordial friendly and respectful…Unlike your comments above "matt"..

    Also they are smart..unlike your comments "matt" 🙂

  14. "matt" you personify what you castigate

  15. David;

    "I have KSC students on the other side of my wall for years"

    HUH???? Whats that david? The other side of your wall? HUH??

    Are you deviating from your soup and jello diet again david?

  16. it is obvious to me that if a small community like Keene, NH gets a Bearcat then we can also calculate that many other similar communities are getting one too. This points to the direction that our Country has chosen to control the people. This is just the beginning of what is to come. I don't see any other options but violence against the system promoting the escalation of such. Peace, Love and Unity is the only way for the future of our people to succeed but to achieve this resolution we must fight now for the rights of all those to come. God help us all. PEACE, LOVE & UNITY to the future of our Planet.

  17. Jesus is the only way. People can only know God through Jesus. Praying for others who are lost is one way we can start.

  18. The Federal "Grant" for the BearCat is just debt. The Federal Reserve creates the money from nothing, causing more inflation. We pay for war at the grocery store. The Fed/Govt knows the Trillions in debt cannot be paid, except by taking from the People, by stealing from Social Security, Health, Education and Food. They know the people will revolt. That is the purpose of the "grant" – to prepare to keep the people under control. They won't consider the alternative – simply stop overspending. No, they want to go ahead and spend, and increase their ability to control the people by force.

  19. OMG! Ten carefully selected people (Mostly College students) don't want a Tank (which the city is not considering).

  20. I have no problem with Keene PD getting a Bearcat, It could save lives. Its always better to have it and not need it than to need it that one time and not have it ! I do however have a big problem with our Gov spending money that it does not have and digging us deeper into debt.

  21. If you're interested in actually having a decent video about the Bearcat, let me know and you can ask me some questions.

    This video is pretty biased and, quite frankly, stupid.

  22. david, you personigate what you castify…

    so there…

    (…david DOES have college students on the other side of his wall…

    …he knows, because he can SEE them through the

    PEEP-HOLE…but spying on people thru a peep-hole is just too

    gross, even for ME…

  23. Doesn't your last sentence completely, utterly negate the first 3 sentences?

    I guess that you are suggesting that it is very conceivable that one day there could (or will be) some type of heavy gun battle, and the police will use the bearcat as a bullet proof shield for innocent people, then nuetralize the aggressors? I suppose it is possible. Can you link to some recent stories here in America where the Bearcat would have nuetralized such a threat? You've got me curious.

    Most Stories I hear and read about, Officer Safety takes precedent over public safety. Also keep in mind, the bearcat is a giant truck, it can't patrol inside buildings (such as a school shooting or whatever). That poker with the gas dispersement tip can only go so far.

    Specifically, I'm trying to understand how that Bearcat operated by police could save lives?

  24. One does not negate the other. They are two seperate issues. One concerns public safety. The other Gov overspending . The gun battle you describe is an exageration to inflame the issue. More likley it could be used to get between and safley remove injured or trapped people who are stranded between the police and a nut with a gun. One only needs to watch the news to see that unfortunately these gun battles do take place from time to time. In one both Police and Bystanders were killed and wounded. We dont have a crystal ball and can never predict when and where they may happen. A vehicle like this can also be used to get Police closer to a suspect and then use less than lethal munitions in place of haveing to shoot the suspect. Believe it or not that is the goal of the Police. But unfortunately you have Bad Police just like you have bad Doctors, Lawyers, politicians and every other field out there that are a minority and make the majority look bad. Concerning Officer Safety, unlike the majority of the population that run away from the gufire, they run toward it to protect us and help the victims ! We should give them whatever tools we can afford to give them to help them protect us and themselves while doing it !

  25. Good one! I think it’s not a decision of ‘Keene’ dwellers only but each of the state is against of violence and may disagree for ‘Tank’. Thanks for the share.


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