Bearcat Opposition Spreads on Twitter

“We must be the change we want to see in the world”

The quote is often attributed to Mohandas Gandhi, though like another researcher, I have yet to track-down when that phrase was first written or spoken. Still, no matter who first stated it, the phrase makes sense, right? Rather than sitting by idly and complaining the surest way to bring-about the world you want to live in is to be proactive and create.

Yesterday Luke Rudkowski, one of the founders of a grassroots organization that took its name from the quote ( told his 7,000+ Twitter followers “thanks but no tank!”

The link took Twitter followers to this video: Thanks But No Tanks – Keene Residents Speak Up

Rudkowski, as is the case for most after becoming aware of attempts by Keene police department employee Ken Meola to bring military hardware to peaceful Keene, decided to stand on his principles and say Thanks but no tank!

Thanks to Rudkowski and everyone else working to keep Keene Bearcat-free for being led by logic and love rather than scare tactics and divisiveness.

For more on this issue:
Online petition: Keene Doesn’t Need a Tank

To learn a bit more about Gandhi, check out the essay Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths by Mark Shepard.


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