Three Arrests for Trespassing at Keene Superior Court

The cheshire county superior courthouse was the scene of two arrests early yesterday. A third arrest took place down the street from the courthouse after deputies followed Derrick J to his car to arrest him for trespassing, for having gotten too close to the building. This occurred some time after a comical and inspiring foot pursuit Derrick led deputies on as he inched farther away from their approach.

Miami journalist Carlos Miller was in the area following the NH Liberty Forum. He visited Keene on Monday to survey the status of right to record issues plaguing courts in the southwest portion of the state. For a while, a camera ban had been enforced in Keene courthouses but surprisingly today, bailiffs allowed Ademo Freeman through security with a video camera. Previously, cameras were only permitted through once the validated motion to record was in hand. As Carlos filmed the security theater, bailiffs noticeably kept their gaze away from the lens until they were prompted to give a response. Within forty seconds of the operating camera being made an issue of by bailiff Fredrickson, a call is made to sheriff’s deputies that, “We’ve got somebody who refuses to turn off a camera.” Within two minutes, deputy Caleb Dodson had backed Carlos and his camera out of the lobby with quickly repeated threats of arrest. It is at this point that deputies arrest Ian Freeman and Kelly Voluntaryist for violating no trespassing orders they had previously been given by sheriff Dick Foote. Footage of the arrests is difficult to discern as the camera is forced out just ahead of the seizure.

Carlos Miller had, prior to the arrests, done the activity which had caused the original no trespassing orders to be issued to the three arrested. He waited in the parking lot to question court officials — more specifically, judges who use unwritten laws to suppress photography and videography. No word yet on how fruitful the stakeout was.

Ian was released on PR bail around noon. Kelly was released a few hours later, and there was a delay in Derrick’s release when the bail commissioner left the jail before returning to liberate him. A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for April 17. To date, seven Free Keene activists have been given no trespassing orders to prevent them from appearing at the courthouse under penalty of arrest.

The video linked below features the action yesterday morning, as well as some footage from relevant past experiences at the courthouse.

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  1. I DID NOT "INCH AWAY", as you so rudely put it, I will have you know!

    I ran like the over-feminized little bitch that I am, crying,

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  2. "Filed Under – Laugh at the aggressors"? Well well well….looks more like it's time to laugh at the instigators. You've all been having so much fun dicking around with people for so long, that time has had it's way and things are just piling on. Tax money well spent as far as I am concerned. Guess the little "test" of the envelope didn't go quite as planned did it – clearly the courthouse is sick of your bullshit – and they have time on their side. So laugh away at the "aggressors"….laugh and claim victory all the way until you hear the echoing slam of the cell door.

  3. "Tax money well spent as far as I am concerned."

    Sure, it's well-spent as far as you're concerned. It's other people's money. You wouldn't consider them to use your money for this.

  4. I have to totally Agree with Matt. If Freekeene and copblock wanted to make change they would have figured out by now that getting in peoples faces, instigating arguments, and breaking a court orders do not change a damn thing. plus one other thing to think about…. where do you think all their bail money comes from could it be from donations? hmmmm beardstroker right there.

  5. Let's try to keep the comments civil and readable and intelligent, please.



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  11. It was Derrick, himself, who made such a big deal out of his sexual orientation,

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