LENCO’s Banned BEARCAT Promo Video Now Available Via Torrent!

NO BEARCATPulled down from multiple channels by YouTube at the behest of arms manufacturer LENCO, their military and violence fetishizing BEARCAT promo video is now online via torrent.

Of course, each time they pull a copy down from youtube, another person uploads it again, but now that it’s on torrent, there are no corporations they can leverage with the threat of lawsuit to make this go away.

Please seed!

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  1. Does it look like anybody gives a shit that you are turning keene into cuba now Fidel Castro Ian

  2. Is there an improvement in this one over the one I put together? I remember it seemed to take a while for that one to show up as "seeding" at TPB.

  3. 720p, Jraxis.

  4. Fuck you Ian!

  5. Ah, cool. Downloading this one to seed, too.

    Amusingly, I'm downloading it to two places (my desktop and my server), and I'm watching them try to leech off of each other…

  6. How many times does the BEARCAT video need to be blogged about?

  7. SEE? Now THAT is the power of free market, AMERICAN intellectual

    property! It creates its' own markets, and downlines…

    Profit all the way…

    When we pulled the video, we were HOPING you guys would do exactly what you did!

    REPOST!… FreeKeene is working for Lenco, posting BearCat vids all over!…

    FreakKeene = patsies, dupes, and nincompoops!

    FreakKeene TOOLS!


  8. Are there any Homeland Security grants for tanks with big huge guns? I think those will help even more… you know, that widow and all.


  1. City of Concord Confuses Concerned Residents with Domestic Terrorists | NH For Liberty - [...] enforcement, military, and government agencies. An online promotional video, which has since been pulled by the company (but is available…

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