Why I am moving to Manchester and yet call Keene Home

I did what many will tell you not to do.  I moved to Keene nearly five years ago with $500 and all the property I could fit in my compact car.  I took a leap of faith and landed in the home of Kat and Russell Kanning, much to my fortune.  With no job lined up prior to my move and my limited resources, my brand new car was quickly repossessed.

I remained steadfast in my resolve to make the move a success.  A month after my move I voted for Ron Paul in the New Hampshire GOP Primary.  Two weeks later I landed perhaps the best job of my life thus far.  I quickly started saving money and soon bought a used car.

Curiously my first “liberty event” was karaoke at a then “Free Stater Owned” bar just outside Keene.  I didn’t sing at the time as I had not yet discovered my talent for karaoke.  I also attended the Social Sunday events and a training session for New Hampshire Liberty Alliance bill reading.  I sat and listened mostly, absorbing the energy around me, adapting to the new culture, community and ideas.

My roommates were critical in my progression and understanding of the ideas of self-ownership and the Non-Aggression Principle.  Kat and Russell are two of the most compassionate and kind individuals I have ever met.  The are both brilliant minds and spirits.  David Krouse and Dave Ridley were also co-residents as well and are wonderful individuals in their own right.  I was very fortunate to find myself among some of the greatest liberty activists New Hampshire has ever seen.

I remained at my job for about three years, including a 6 month lay-off then rehire.  I worked with Russell and Kat to publish the New Hampshire Free Press with my own Free Keene Press section.  I quit my job for more than a few reasons and refocused on activism.  The Kannings left New Hampshire and the newspaper ended.

I made the personal decision that my focus would be media and art.  I believe that though art and media I can more efficiently affect and change the culture.  Once the culture has changed the laws become irrelevant.  With that in mind I started Free Keene TV.  I also accepted a manager position at the Keene Activist Center.  At this point I was one of the few individuals capable of being a full time activist.  Nearly all I did had some activist reason or impact.  It was a good run and while I would have liked to continue to focus my energies on spreading the ideas of liberty, it proved unsustainable.

The past year became focused on planning for the Porcfest Chronicles video shoot and helping to organize for the event.  All that is left for this project is to edit the video and publish which I am doing as fast as I can.

I consider Keene my home base.  I have learned so much and owe a great deal to the individuals that live here.  I have many rich friendships within this community and I will always see Keene as the place I can go back to if things don’t work out.

I have decided that I want to move to the Manchester area and see how successful I can be with both my video production company and finding a job in the private sector,  There are many opportunities and can’t just sit and watch them slip away.   My current time table has me moving to Manchester in September, though, only time will tell.

I have put in notice that I will be ending my position as Free Keene TV Producer.  One individual has stepped up to take over the position and I will provide training during the last two episodes.   Hopefully the show will continue to be passed on for many years.

I just want to send out a special thank you to Ian Freeman who has been incredibly supportive of many of my adventures in Keene.  He is a great friend and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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