CNN’s iReport Covers Ademo’s Pending Trial

Ademo Freeman continues to attract more eyes to his case. Yesterday a letter from him transcribed at was published. He affirmed that he would not be accepting a plea deal to safely avoid jail or prison time, and that he will trust a jury of his peers not to convict him for his victimless attempt to create transparency.

…by the time this is published to and other blogs, I’ll have refused Michael’s offer and here’s why. First, I can’t go against my principles and sign a deal that says I acknowledge my actions as wrong or illegal. Second, I’m not a hypocrite. How can I advocate refusing plea deals and sign one myself? I don’t judge anyone who has taken pleas because each case/charge is different. Third, I am confident I can show a jury, with facts and logic, that I shouldn’t be caged for my actions.

Appearing today on CNN’s iReport blog is an entry about Ademo’s upcoming trial, which is scheduled to take place in Manchester in just over a week.

I want to thank everyone who has shown and continues to show me support through these recent cases and I hope to see a packed courtroom August 13th for my trial.

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