The Constitution Is Worth Defending

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  1. “The Constitution is worth defending..”

    Spooner would disagree. :p

  2. True enough… but the Constitution IS the reason why things like and the Free State Project can happen with minimal to no government interference.

    The jury system is particularly awesome, too.

  3. Awesome. Bradley Jardis’ liberty is worth defending!

    Bradley, what do you like about the particular attorney you hired?

  4. Aw, thanks for caring about my liberty, but I don’t think my liberty really was never in grave danger. I figured at worst they’d put me on a bus and ship me somewhere for a few days until a AUSA saw the case… but luckily the SA they sent out actually knew what the law is.

    Need a “case-or-contraversey” to make changes now-a-days… considering the right to petition for redress of grievances is destroyed.

    I knew nothing of Attorney Knowlton until he was recommended to me by Attorney Marc Victor. Attorney Victor is pretty well known by the federal government out that way:

    After doing some research on him, he earned my respect when I read a case about him defending pornography (expression/speech) rights despite himself being a Mormon.

    I’d say defending the right of others to do things you disagree with is a good barometer of a person’s character.

  5. Good stuff. Thanks.

  6. I happened upon this while on Google….Marc Victor is not a Mormon…I am not sure where that came from, but he’s not.

  7. Um, Mr. Jardis said that Keith Knowlton, his attorney, is a Mormon. Not that Marc Victor (who recommended Knowlton to him) is.


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