Media and Art as Means to Change Culture

2012 has been a whirlwind year for me with so many successful projects. I finished Free Keene TV with my 52nd episode in July. I finished Porcfest Chronicles in October with 51 individual videos. I had a lot of fun working with Gary Johnson, John Babiarz and Hardy Macia making the zombie videos for political campaigns. Shire Sharing and the Free State Project round out the year with a few more videos documenting the hard work carried out by liberty activists.


I enjoy producing and publishing videos for the expressed purpose of spreading the ideas of liberty. It is a labor of love. At the same time I have spent hundreds of hours creating this content and it is always nice to get a little cash for the work. Bills, food and all that! So I created a chip-in for anyone that wants to give me a few bucks for my efforts:


This video is perhaps my last for the year. I visit the Maine Liberty Summit with Antigone Darling who gives a speech about liberty and secession. We network with neighboring liberty lovers and talk about the Free State Project.


Some of my stats for 2012:

27 Episodes of Free Keene TV

51 Porcfest Chronicles videos

3 Zombie videos for Libertarian Party Candidates

2 Shire Sharing Videos

6 Videos for NH Gubernatorial Candidate John Babiarz

4 Videos for the Free State Project

? Additional videos for miscellaneous ventures

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