Flowers Sent to Cyntha Chase, Thanking Her for Boosting FSP Recruiting

Cynthia Chase recently created a firestorm of controversy and publicity with her anti-Free-Stater comments. Today, to thank her for all the free media coverage, which naturally resulted in more new people signing up for the Free State Project, a small group of FSP participants put together a nice “thank you” card and flower bouquet that was delivered to her committee meeting in Concord today.

Unfortunately she was not in attendance, perhaps because she’s allegedly scared for her family’s safety for some reason. The flowers were left for her with the chairperson.

Menwhile, the publicity keeps rolling in. The Keene Sentinel ran a story today as did Blue Hampshire.

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  1. What a beautiful bouquet I am sure Miss Chase was quite flattered. Was she invited to the THE 10TH ANNUALPorcupine Freedom Festival?

  2. I wish someone would tell miss Sullivan(of the bluehamshire link above)that I’m not really a “freestater”. Perhaps then she could direct her ire at ME as a individual : I like the idea of being called a free stater and do feel a great alignment with freestaters, but am not technically a free stater because I moved to nh before the free state project started. And if I could get a account on bluehamshire I would post that ,yes I am very much a advocate of the people who are the victims of the police; the people she would deny the existence of;people she would say must have caused it, in the same way a rape victim causes the rape. To her all cops are heros and the people beaten and smashed by the cops brang it on themselves. She is the reason there needs to BE the small voice that advocates for the subjects of police brutality. Though she tries to squelch even that SMALL voice, in relation to the tide people who praise the police.

    Miss Sullivan there are victims of the police: i will speak for them,I will not shut up. Miss Sullivan Amanda Boldin of shire sharing gave food baskets out at holiday time for people in need. Not once did she ever bash anyones door in.

  3. You could always join and post on that Blue Hampshire post if you wanted to do so.

  4. i tried to;they are changing sites and ..are in flux and not taking new people for a couple days..till its straightened out

  5. You just have to laugh at those dimwits at BH.. I mean who in hell listens to Rush Limbaugh? They can’t even criticize people correctly… especially if you don’t fit into their narrowminded little partisan box.

  6. I post there a lot, there ARE some nice people there.

  7. I copied it over there for ya, David

  8. cool thanks

  9. Here is here response.
    “Kathy Sullivan 2
    January 10, 2013 at 10:10 am
    #Truthfully, I’m not interested in anything that Mr. Crawford has
    to say. Not after he referred to Officer Doherty as a “statist brute”
    and a “corrupt cop”.”

    She should have said sorry to the FSP. Instead, she went on with a self serving rant. She doesn’t seem to care at all about the truth. She just wants to push her statist agenda, the truth be damned!


    Sign this petition to the NH legislature to censure or impeach Cynthia Chase for her intolerant, hateful, and tyrannical statements.

  11. It would be a fun project to see how many different ways Representative Chase could be invited to Porc Fest. Banners, Youtube vids, letters, post cards from exotic locations.

  12. I think David’s most valid point was the need for advocates of the victims of the ever enlarging police state. Now with the Army Drones at Mount Washington, the burden of the TSA, the military tanks rolling into the police forces around the State and the veto of the medical cannabis bill last year vigilance for the victims are warranted.

  13. I got barred from the bluehampshiire thread because a comment about Miss Sulivans critique lol

  14. As far as I know, the practice drones are no longer on Mt. Washington.


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