ShireTV – Banned Special Edition

shiretv_fr33keeneThis past week I spent some time collecting video, writing a script, directing and editing an episode of ShireTV to air on the evening of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The public access studios were closed in observance of the federal holiday, so I stepped up to create an episode to be submitted the week prior with the assistance of the program’s usual cohost James Cleaveland. After an evening of shooting with a day to edit and publish a submittable, finished episode, I allowed one of the associate producers of the weekly show to review the finished product. This was not my first involvement with ShireTV, as I had made a guest appearance in the past. It was my first endeavor behind the camera for the show. Though numerous portions of my finished episode had to be removed for noncommercial reasons, a breaking point for whether or not an associate producer felt himself comfortable submitting the final cut revolved around the edification of the brief ending sequence. Dislike of a creative production is understandable, but as resistance was mlk_shiretvprovoked during the test screening, I knew that the uncensored version of the episode had to be released as its own production. It was decided that another producer would be sponsoring the episode with an alternative ending, and I agreed to coincide release of the uncompromised original cut with the previously scheduled airing. The unrestricted omniaudience of the internet will have access to the banned episode when it publishes here at 6:59pm. On cable will air the satisfactory, yet compromised edition of the program at 7:00pm. Organized in three segments, the show begins discussing local radio hubub in Keene from the week prior, then segues into Robin Hooding victories. The last segment is footage of US military veterans tossing back their war medals in the largest such demonstration since the Vietnam War, filmed at the 2012 NATO summit on May 20 in Chicago.

The version of the Jan 21 2013 ShireTV episode which aired on Cheshire TV’s channel 8 has been published to the Free Keene youtube channel.

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  1. CTV website says it is forbidden by law from censorship?

    Cheshire TV does not preview or review public access programming, and will never exert “prior restraint” on a public access program.

    When it comes to controversial (not illegal) content in programming, the response should be to encourage more speech, as opposed to enforcing silence. Furthermore, Cheshire TV is forbidden by law from censorship, or content control. Cheshire TV encourages anyone who disagrees with a program to produce counter-programming presenting an opposing point of view, or otherwise responding to the program in question.

    Cheshire TV’s Policies and Procedures allow us to restrict cablecast programming with excessively violent material, profanity, nudity, or graphic medical procedures. Typically those programs will be restricted to “safe harbor” hours between 10:00pm and 4:00am.

  2. Guest, It was not Cheshire TV’s decision and had nothing to do with the station, it was a decision of one of the show’s co-producers. I am not a producer of the show, I was invited to create an episode.

  3. You’re claiming that footage of US military veterans tossing back their war medals is so controversial the Shire TV won’t air it? If that’s true then why would you waste your time providing content to a show with such a militaristic bias? Sounds like the fault is yours for contributing to a program that supports war mongering.

  4. the camera angle for Garrett is better

  5. Aliisa – I’m one of the producers of Shire TV, I’m also the regular co-host of the show. The video of the military members throwing back medals was not the issue.
    I felt that the two anchors were less professional than they could have been, especially in closing the show with what should have at best, been put on a blooper reel.
    I thank Garret for putting a show together, we simply had some creative differences regarding professionalism of the show.

  6. Wow, that’s a totally different story than the original post. “Banned” makes it sound like it has some kind of sensitive or controversial content. But you’re saying “creative differences” which I’m understanding as a nice way of saying the quality was simply inadequate. If being of such low quality as not to merit distribution is “banned,” then every rejected screenplay in Hollywood has been “banned;” every poorly-written manuscript rejected by all book publishers is “banned.” If what you’re saying is true, then Free Concord ought to be called out for deceptively promoting content that didn’t meet quality standards as being somehow “too hot to air.”


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