Liberty Forum 2013: Bitcoin Introduction

bitcoin_v1patchThis video set from the New Hampshire Liberty Forum details what may become the most significant technological and economic innovation for advancing human liberty. Bitcoin, a crypto-currency that has multiplied in value over the last year, seems to be replacing silver and other precious metals as the best investment and inflation hedge. With a fixed rate of production, there is no counterfeiting concern, from either third parties or the issuing authority. The digital platform allows for any quantity of payment to be distributed to anywhere that can connect to the internet, almost instantly. Bitcoin eclipses modern financial institutions in terms of transaction processing abilities, and the decentralized design of the program provides multiple layers of security to meet the user’s custom needs. Hosting the panel on the revolutionary alternative to fiat currency are Erik Vorhees, Roger Ver, and Charlie Shrem. Since being uploaded three days ago to the Fr33manTVraw channel, the first of eight videos from the presentation has over 1500 views.

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