Cynthia Chase Plays Solitaire During House Testimony

Chase Plays SolitareGuess her mind is all made up about the gas tax. Keene’s State Representative Cynthia Chase is seen here busying herself with a game of solitaire while other state reps testify on the proposed gas tax hike.

Good thing we have such a dedicated “public servant” here in Keene – dedicated to getting a high score.

As you may be aware, Cynthia made national headlines earlier this year when she called Free State Project participants the single greatest threat to the state – quite the endorsement!

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  1. She gets internet on that. You can still email her on the issue.

  2. Obviously you have never sat in the NH House listening to testimony. More often than not, the chamber empties when testimony starts. Notice all the empty seats in this picture. At least Rep. Chase is in the hall and hearing the testimony, which is more than most of the Reps do during most testimony given in the house.

  3. c’mon Keene get this rhode Islander out of NH state senate ASAP !!
    how d she get there in the first place? retire the threat !


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