Police to Release Heroin Dealer to Bust Cannabis Dealer?

This is the insane “war on drugs”: The KPD & FBI bust a heroin dealer then promise to set him free in return for helping them bust a cannabis dealer! The story goes deeper – turns out it was all about targeting Rich Paul’s political associates. The FBI’s Phil Christiana was handling the case and tried to get Rich Paul to set up his fellow liberty activists for arrest. Rich refused to turn snitch and is now going to jury trial on Tuesday at 9am at Cheshire “superior” court. In this video from CopBlock‘s Pete Eyre, Rich Admits he sold cannabis and plans to ask the jury to nullify the war on drugs. Rich says, toward the end of the video, “The time has come to end…this war on drugs”.

How You Can Help Rich Paul:

  • Join the resurrected 420 Celebrations happening daily at 4:20pm in Keene’s Central Square.
  • Attend Rich Paul’s trial, beginning next Tuesday, April 16th at Cheshire County Superior Court in Keene, NH.
  • Donate via PayPal: rich.paul.freeman@gmail.com
  • Donate via Bitcoin: 1H6jt6w2PGQQ7ZcdngmSggQTAc5dF7sLwt
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