Have you wanted to go “Robin Hooding”? Do it during the Keenevention!

BizCard_FrontYou’ve seen the videos. Now you can join up with Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women and help rescue the motorists of Keene from the King’s men and their ransom!

Friday and Saturday shifts will be available all day for you to plug in to the most successful form of activism and outreach in Keene to date. Hit the streets with a roll of coins and cards and do some good for the community! As a bonus, you get to have fun as you deny the local government gang the hard-earned dollars of the good people of Keene by preventing parking tickets from being issued! You’ll also experience the value of being able to do liberty activism in groups – the reason why the Free State Project is the key to liberty in our lifetime.

This is just one of the activities that will be happening outside the hotel – stay tuned here to the Keenevention blog, the facebook page, or the facebook event for continued announcements and news.

You can get your tickets to Keenevention now for the earlybird price of just $35 for the whole weekend on Nov 1st-3rd.

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  1. I live near a town that has a large 16 theatre movie-plex that is within a very large shopping complex of storefront businesses (similar to Keene and not a mall).

    The theatre has its own allocated parking area, but the storefront businesses wanted to prevent movie goers from tying up their spaces.

    The solution they came up with works well all across America and requires no parking tax.. They simply stenciled a 30 minute time limit onto the pavement with paint. This honor system in this town is respected by all and requires no extortion through meters.

    If someone goes over 30 minutes and happens to take 45-50 minutes. the businesses are not ready to tow or impound their vehicles.

    Keene officials are simply lying when they say they NEED meters. Towns all across America with successful “no meter” parking strategies prove Keene officials wrong every day.

  2. I’m glad your honor system works in your town. I really truly doubt it would work in most of America. I’m skeptical that is “respected by all”….
    I remember fishing in a pond in upstate NY on the Pennsylvannia border with my wife. No one was around except one guy who decided to defy the “no swimming” signs posted everywhere. He lived just up the road-I found out later (it was a public pond part of the city of Binghamton park system).
    He could clearly see us fishing but swam up and down the pond ruining our evening. We packed up and he had the gall to ask us why we were leaving. when we said it was because he ruined our fishing he said “well, it’s a free country..blah blah blah” and continued on about his freedoms and how he was a libertarian etc.
    It’s this kind of selfish jerkiness that is going to insure your movement is small and full of the most unpleasant people. I think most people are pretty good at being courteous, but I get the impression that many jerks use your politics to cover up their contempt for what makes life tolerable for others.

  3. What an ignorant fool. He should know better than to say this is a free country. There might be a market opportunity here though. A privately owned fishing pond with a no swimming policy. Would you have paid $5 to fish without this fool’s disturbance?

  4. Nice propaganda story. I highly doubt this taunting swiming kid uttered the word “libertarian” lol.
    As for the libertarian “movement” it continues to grow. A recent poll found nearly 39% of Americans believe the Federal Govt is way too large. Also, the current front runner for the Republican party 2016 president choice is the libertarian leaning Rand Paul. Not as perfect as his father Ron Paul, but someone this libertarian was unthinkable 10 years ago.

  5. I had to lol at a few of your statements. First of all, assuming your figure is accurate, even if 39% of the country believes the government is way too large, that doesn’t mean anything with regard to the size of the Libertarian party. Second, just because the current front-runner of the republican presidential lineup is Rand Paul, which would surprise me not, that says nothing in regards to the size of the libertarian party and if anything speaks more to the fact that the republican party still hasn’t gotten it’s act together… My 2 cents 🙂 Now, about the story, I am all for this type of videotaping and questioning of public workers…


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