Have you wanted to go “Robin Hooding”? Do it during the Keenevention!

BizCard_FrontYou’ve seen the videos. Now you can join up with Robin Hood and the Merry Men and Women and help rescue the motorists of Keene from the King’s men and their ransom!

Friday and Saturday shifts will be available all day for you to plug in to the most successful form of activism and outreach in Keene to date. Hit the streets with a roll of coins and cards and do some good for the community! As a bonus, you get to have fun as you deny the local government gang the hard-earned dollars of the good people of Keene by preventing parking tickets from being issued! You’ll also experience the value of being able to do liberty activism in groups – the reason why the Free State Project is the key to liberty in our lifetime.

This is just one of the activities that will be happening outside the hotel – stay tuned here to the Keenevention blog, the facebook page, or the facebook event for continued announcements and news.

You can get your tickets to Keenevention now for the earlybird price of just $35 for the whole weekend on Nov 1st-3rd.

Now you can subscribe to Free Keene via email!

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