Flashback to 2012: KPD’s Jason Short says Robin Hooding Legal

Before Robin Hooding hit it big, there were years of various activists performing the good deeds. Here’s a flashback to 2012 in an heretofore unreleased (by chance) video of Jason Short of the Keene Police Department affirming that Robin Hooding is legal and also impressively shows his knowledge that he is supposed to take insults well as a police officer. Some cops are not too good at this, but Short is right, it is supposed to be legal to talk shit to a police officer, at least that’s my understanding as well regarding what courts have upheld. Not that anyone was doing any insulting of anyone else that day – I certainly don’t think that insults build bridges – I’d rather offer hugs.

What you don’t see in the video: Kate continues to the parking garage in hope of saving more motorists from the meter maid. In or near the garage, she reported that Uhas threatened her with arrest for “Disorderly Conduct”, intimidating her since she was all alone with him. 🙁

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