$300,000 in Man’s Personal Property Stolen By “Town of Winchester”

While out in front of the “town hall” with Kelly Ayotte in Fitzwilliam, NH I encountered Gary Chase, a property owner in the geographic area commonly known as Winchester. The people calling themselves the “Town of Winchester” stole over $300,000 worth of industrial equipment from his shop because he was not willing to sell his property to the town to turn it into a parking lot. This is his telling of the awful aggression against him. We then take a trip to Winchester to see the property.

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  1. This story is outrageous. Are there any names of the specific town culprits that did this?

  2. Well done, Ian.

    Sad for Gary. These redevelopment projects are another example of socialized cost for private gain – for the connected few.

    Seems like he could’ve played ball legally and avoided the confiscation, but as you say, it “shouldn’t” be that way.

    Maybe some day it won’t be – again!


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