PNN Reports on the Robin Hood Civil Suit

robinhood_wantedOn Thursday, six individuals associated with activities related to Robin Hood of Keene were delivered a stack of legal documents from Cheshire sheriff’s deputies. While responses are being crafted, independent media begins to disseminate information regarding this escalation by the royal forces against the merry men. Derrick J reports through his daily newscast Peace News Now with excerpts from the case file.

Just as police attempted following the Chalking 8 case, by attributing negative actions not to any individual but to an amorphous group, the police and city bureaucrats shirk the task of properly placing responsibility for whatever allegation they are attempting to advance.

In other Keene happenings, the newest variety program from the Aqua Keene Parking Force premieres in under 24 hours. AKPF #1 will broadcast at Free Concord and Free Keene at midnight on the morning of May 13, and at 7:00pm on Cheshire TV.

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  1. I agree, it’s wrong for the city to direct its action toward a “group” rather than individuals. Whoever made that video apparently didn’t get the memo, since it describes the actions of the “group” (his words not mine) several times even in the first few seconds of the video.

    Now, if you really want to make my day, show me that the paperwork from the city identifies a defendant as “John Doe #1, a.k.a. Robin Hood.” The trial can be like the end of Spartacus. “I am Robin Hood!” “I am Robin Hood!” etc.

  2. Jason Sorens’ Speech and Presentation 2013 @ NY Libertarian Convention

    Jason Sorens, Founder of the Free State Project, Assistant Professor at SUNY Buffalo, Speaks to the NY LIbertarian Party Convention

    April 27, 2013, at the Rhinecliff Hotel, Rhinecliff NY

    Jason’s speech was just SO good.

    He has a casual banter that presented so much information in the time he had there, covering the inception of the Free State Project, listing the landmark successes of the FSP effort to date, illustrating the community influence of Free Staters, and showing the promise for the future and the pushback by statists to prevent the liberation of New Hampshire.

    This presentation NEEDS to be released to the cyber-geist en masse, and everyone involved in the liberty movement should see it.

    There are thousands in the FSP already, every one of them will cheer in the progress made, and some surprise revelations by Jason in moving to NH.

    Link and distribute this video to whomever you know is involved in the liberty movement.

    The FSP, and Jason’s immigration to NH will be a part of history in the making, and will be looked upon as a watershed moment in the progress of liberty.


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