AKPF #1 – Monolith

If you loved last week’s debut of AKPF #1, you’re going to be anxious for next week after you see the latest episode of Cheshire county’s hottest new variety series. Now available through AquaKeene, Free Concord is pleased to present episode 02, Monolith.

1. 00:10 Opening AKPF/ATHF Crossover Ska Theme
2. 01:40 Graham introduces the first submission by Trotting Bear Studios Martial Arts and Fitness CenterAKPF1_02A
3. 02:22 Nintendo Mario Super Robin Hooding Video Game
4. 06:07 Fancy Pants People’s science universe hour with special guest Michio Kaku
5. 14:09 The latest from the Rich Paul trial courtesy http://freeconcord.org
6. 28:22 Closing credits with Sarge Stern and MJ

Special guest host Graham Colson reps the AKPF #1. Ep. 03 premieres May 27 2013.

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