Delivering Flowers to “Prince” John and Thomas P. Mullins

Special delivery!On Monday May 20, after the security theater closed, Nemi (Free Talk Live co-host) and Graham delivered bouquets of flowers to “Prince” John MacLean and Thomas P. Mullins, the City Manager & City Attorney respectively. The flowers were delivered to thank them for all of the news coverage they have brought Free Keene, Robin Hood and the Free State Project.

To learn how MacLean & Mullins have helped bring this media attention, see here, and here. Here’s video of the delivery:

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  1. I am waiting for a civil suit against flower givers in keene, flowers will some how be a form of harassment.

  2. Salutations from Montreal Canada.:=)

  3. rand paul & dennis rodman in ’14 .

  4. Ahhh….such bafoonery!


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