Control-freak Protest Organizer Calls Police on Counter Protestors?

The series of videos from Dave Ridley that show the ridiculous and rude behavior of some pro-welfare protest organizers continues. This time the police are called in, but the cop does the right thing and leaves the counter protesters alone:

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  1. this lady is all things evil lol

  2. that lady remind me of a kid in school who kisses up to the teacher and rats other kids out…

  3. Make no mistake about her intentions. She wanted the armed men to tell the protestors to move somewhere else and if they continued to protest in her permitted protest location she wanted them tackled, shackled and thrown in a cage. Statists, see the violence in your actions.

  4. While I appreciate the outrage shown toward the admittedly morally reprehensible behavior of the woman in this video, I must point out that your outrage is misdirected. The real problem is the illegitimate concept known as “public property.” This woman’s conduct is a completely-predictable consequence of the premises upon which “public” property is justified.

    If you leave a bowl of milk out in the alley, do you then blame stray cats for accepting your apparent offer of generosity? If you don’t like stray cats, stop leaving bowls of milk out!


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