Attorney Jon Meyer Motions to Dismiss Robin Hood Case

robinWhile the “evidentiary hearing” in the Robin Hood case is set to continue this fall, heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer has filed his motion to dismiss and memorandum of law in Cheshire superior court.  In the memorandum, he outlines his reasons:

Meyer points out that the city’s claim of “tortious interference” on the part of the Robin Hooders fails to meet the requirements of a tort and if the city were successful in their case, the resulting order would violate the Robin Hooders‘ free speech rights.  Even if the activists were not pleasant towards the parking enforcers, it would still be within their free speech rights, and the enforcers – as public employees – should not be shielded from criticism.  Meyer is also an employment law attorney and points out employees have no right to work in a non-hostile work environment, as the city’s attorneys claim.

What will the city’s hired-gun attorneys say in response?  Will there be a hearing on the motion to dismiss?  Will the city’s precious case be tossed out?  Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the Robin Hood saga.

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  1. It’s become clear to me that the City intends to lose the lawsuit. Their employment contract needs to be upheld in court so they don’t have to pay out any financial claims made by former Parking Enforcers for “harassment”.

  2. The city tried to fluff their “EGENDA” on hoping you guys would be sheep and back down or represent yourselves and then use that corrupt judge bitch, I mean burke to pull some fast ones on you so you would lose. Judge burke and those angry Keene city workers discuss you guys constantly, and work hand in hand with the police to punish ya’ll. They tried that crap on the so called trespass out of the park BS, and they are doing it here with this case. They are corrupt, and they are burning through tax payer dollars because of the city’s personal vendetta against you guys. Time to go after them in other ways when this one is done. Use of government vehicles for personal use, use of government phones for personal use. FOIA the phone & Text records. YAY Free State!


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