No Arrests Yet in Pearl Street Homicide

keenenhcbshomicideWhile police continue to investigate a fatal shooting at a Pearl Street residence in Keene, no arrests have been made and no suspects publicly identified. Last Saturday evening, David Wheelock was found in his home moments after an unknown assailant had killed him with multiple gunshots. Few details have been revealed this week by the NH Attorney General’s office. It has been disclosed that the upstairs neighbor of Wheelock, Nicholas Coll, heard the shots and discovered his injured neighbor and notified emergency services. The following day, state and local agencies investigated as a snow cover slowly melted. An article on the continuing search for clues was published today in the Keene Sentinel. On December 26, an article about homicides related to the Keene area was published that highlighted facts known up to that point on the Pearl Street homicide, as well as the killing of Chesterfield man in Windsor, Connecticut and an update on a missing persons case that had since been charged as a murder in Unity, NH.

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