Gary Chase’s Property Stolen & Destroyed by Winchester Town Bureaucrats

Gary ChaseAs you may recall from this original video interview with him from 2013 and this followup article, Gary Chase has had his life destroyed by the people calling themselves the “Town of Winchester”. Winchester is a notoriously corrupt place, and this case has plenty of it. There’s a lot to detail, but in short, the town bureaucrats have designs on Gary’s prime real estate in downtown Winchester, and have been attacking him over him storing various equipment and supplies on the property. Despite him attempting to comply with their demands, they come and steal his stuff. Though it was all supposed to go to a scrapyard, Gary says he has evidence that lots of the valuable equipment ended up at the homes of the town bureaucrats. Add to that the years spent in court, $250,000 in liens placed on his properties by the bureaucrats, his divorce (that happened because of the stress placed on them by the Town bureaucrats), and his crippling spine injury, and you have a man left decimated.

In videos just posted, Lauren Canario and her husband Jim Johnson show up with video cameras in 2013 to document the the open theft and destruction of Gary Chase’s property.

Quick interview with Gary on the scene:

Lauren attempts to get comment from the town bureaucrats there observing the theft:

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