Emerson’s Towing Threat Video Blowing Up on LiveLeak

Emerson Lyons Jr.Graham Colson’s video where he is threatened by Emerson Lyons Jr., the son of the owner of Emerson’s Towing, went up on LiveLeak.com yesterday and is already up to nearly 40,000 views thanks to it being featured on the front page of the site!

Early last week I left a message for the owner of Emerson’s Towing, Emerson Sr., asking for an official statement on the incident. As of yet, I have not heard from him. It appears Emerson’s has again taken down their facebook page again, however their Yelp entry isn’t looking so hot in the reviews department as people comment nationwide. Will Emerson’s continue to avoid commenting on this situation?

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  1. Wish people would stop hitting their kids. Then mabye fewer adults would threaten others with gun violence over being video recorded in public. Violence is never the answer.

  2. That driver is a ticking time bomb and in the wrong line of work. Something where he can’t endanger lives and property would be a step in the right general direction.

  3. Maybe he was having a bad (read: horrible) day?

    I just have one video to go by, and a few comments (other than the ones related to said video).

    What Mr. Emerson Jr. did was wrong, and he should at least apologize for it, but aren’t y’all blowing all this out of proportion?

    I feel like y’all are starting a war over this shit. Give the man some time to breathe and consider the errors of his ways.

  4. Liberty is winning.

    The reason this nut job is so angry is he blames the Robin Hooders for reduced hours and pay. This means Robin Hooders are having a significant effect !

  5. Ok lets clear a few things up. For all of you that clearly don’t know the whole picture here are a few of the facts the robin hooders don’t seem to want to let you in on. Fact one the meter maid in this video has a standing harassment order against them they can’t be more then 20ft near them. Yet the robin hooders continue to fallow them around daily and just stand 20ft away from them so that the police can’t do anything about it. Now that being said if it was your wife going to work everyday and being followed around and video typed when they have a standing harassment order in place how would you feel then?? If it was your wife that Emerson was defending you would be thanking him… these poor meter maid have to deal with this everyday they go to work. I’m sorry but Emerson was standing up for a woman that could not do anything she had done what was right gotten a harassment order yet the robin hooders just keep following them around…. ask your self this why is it that they are unwilling to tell you this part of the story?? Is it because they know if they had told you that part of the story you would feel much differently about the video they posted??

  6. Mr. Emerson Jr. clearly said “Get that camera out of MY face!” when he attacked Mr. Colson. Only later did he even mention anybody else.

    So the attack was clearly not based around protecting anyone (and from what exactly? Holding public officials accountable is not a crime, but a duty).

    If Mr. Emerson Jr. has a problem with anyone in the public, he needs to pen that stuff up until after work, and then he needs to still refrain from attacking anyone, there are plenty of peaceful ways to solve personal problems.

    Please look into https://ssd.eff.org/your-computer/govt/privacy for the legal definition of “Reasonable Expectation of Privacy”. Public places are explained too, just scroll down.

  7. There is far more to this then you know. You are free to feel how ever you would like. But you my want to get all of the fact that are not being told is my point.

  8. And just to be very clear Emerson never touched him. There was NO attack.

  9. Nice reply, I didn’t know anything of the backstory, so now I’ve searched it up a little. And it seems to be an ongoing story, true. The robin hooders thing is, they feed parking meters and help people not get tickets. Not a bad thing. They carry cameras and document what they do. The restraining order which you cite, was issued because they were asking questions of the meter maids, and feeding meters which they complained was interfering with their ability to do their job. Not because the robin hooders poses any kind of threat or danger to the meter maids. The robin hooders abide by the restraining order and don’t interact with the maids. The tow truck driver is likely upset with them because they feed the meters, which means less towing work.
    Is this what you are referring to as the story we aren’t aware of?
    I do appreciate you wanting people to know more about what’s going on, yet is till can’t find any evidence, as you alluded to that the meter maids were ever in any danger or being harmed in any way. Their restraining order is a bit frivilous, but nonetheless has been issued and is being abided by. So what’s the issue there? Since the maids haven’t ever been in any danger, what would the driver be, as you suggested, “defending” them from?

  10. What a crock. He wasn’t doing anything for the meter maid. He said “get the camera out of my face.” He didn’t even see the meter maid there. Did you even watch that video?

  11. At first I simply felt the driver was just a loose cannon who shouldn’t be dealing with the customers/public due to anger issues and a general lack of people skills. This after seeing the video of him spouting violent threats and furthermore his recklessness in driving off in a rage without having secured the front wheels of the SUV properly.
    In reply to your hypothetical question, I ask you, how would you feel if your spouse had gone out, and while they were parked somewhere, some angry, irresponsible, tooth knocker outer, “coming back with a gun” threatener, hooked up your vehicle and proceeded to road rage around almost smashing up your property and possibly other peoples property as well? How would you feel then? (Sic)
    Finding out more about this story has only convinced me further that not only should this driver not be dealing with the public, but that he should be fired immediately, but that probably won’t happen, I’ve also discovered that it’s his fathers business. So, he should be ticketed for reckless driving, and arrested and held accountable for his behavior and the threats he made. Your arguments are suspiciously biased, because you are trying to justify his unacceptable, behavior. Making misleading hypothetical arguments as if the maids were in danger, they clearly were not.

  12. Hey smart one who do you think called him?? Who do you think walked over to the truck to show him what car to take?? Did you watch the video??

  13. He was not upset that they may or may not be taking away tow calls. that was not what I was talking about. I am talking about everything the robin hooders are doing around here. this was not the first time this company has had to deal with them. this was not the fisrt time they were asked to stop filming. the meter maid along with 100s of other people have asked them to filming them. it doesn’t matter who you ask them they just keep doing it. some of them have no trespass orders on the school grounds. There is a lot more to this then what they are telling you. If you were being follow around everyday even after you had asked them to stop wouldn’t you feel harassed??

  14. These meter maid deal with them following them around everywhere and when they try to go down a different road to get away from the robin hooders they just keep following them. how safe do you think they feel… even if their not saying they are going to do anything to them. I know I wouldn’t feel safe if I told someone to stop following me and they kept doing it. that is what he is defending them from. he is defending them from have to feel that way everyday they go to work to do their job.

  15. You are free to feel whatever you would like. but when peole start following you around everyday even after you have asked them to stop you just remeber you have no right to feel that you are in any kind of danger.

  16. Harassed is a bit strong, annoyed maybe ya I can see that. But the thing is it’s not enough to justify the drivers crazy behavior. I can sympathize though with being annoyed. But the robin hooders aren’t breaking the law, or threatening people with violence or coming back with guns etc. There are cameras almost literally everywhere. ATM’s traffic intersections, schools, libraries, security cameras everywhere. So what’s the difference if these guys go around in public filming? The drivers outrageous behavior still isn’t justified, and I’m sure a jury would agree, if he ever actually did “come back with his gun”. If he hadn’t acted out the way he did we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.
    I can sympathize that there are annoying people in the world, maybe the robin hooders are pushing people’s buttons. Regardless this is not an appropriate way to react/behave and expect not to be publicly condemned. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he’s not a cop, he can smash teeth out, etc etc. what conclusion do you really expect any reasonable person to reach, when he’s already made such a scene like this.
    If I ever acted out like that I’d certainly be fired, immediately and escorted from the premises. Why? Because I’m held accountable for my actions, as an adult.

  17. Because that is what you are saying. I mean you are right they have the right to follow public officials to their own home. so where does it stop?? its only not right if they are doing it to you?? I mean this is what they do. they follow public officials to their homes. and your saying these people do have the right to feel they may be I danger??

  18. You feel harassed is a bit strong but really it isn’t these robin hooders have follow public officials to their own homes. I call that harassment. if I went to court because people were following me around and following me home I could get a harassment order. the robin hooders have been asked time and again to stop following these women and other around. when you are asked to stop and you don’t that’s not just annoying that’s harassment.

  19. So why is it that they aren’t being held accountable for their action?? as an adult when someone tells you to stop filming and following you you know to stop doing so.

  20. And just so you know these robin hooders are not doing this out
    of the kindness of their hearts they are getting paid to walk around filming people and follow these people around.

  21. As I thank you for trying to get me the laws that I already know next time I wouldnt reefer to the laws the police have to reasonable exectation of privacy. If you would like a few of the law numbers you can reefer to this law number chapter 952 penal code ofdensessec. 53a-189 a

  22. They aren’t breaking any laws, aren’t a danger to anyone, haven’t attacked anyone, abide by the restraining orders, and go around documenting public servants doing their jobs. That’s the reality though, annoying as it may be. Unfortunately that doesn’t justify the drivers outrageous behavior. It just doesn’t.

    Is it annoying? Apparently. What to do? Grab a camera and follow them around, give em a taste of their own medicine? If they threaten to smash your teeth, and come back with a gun, I’m sure you’ll find public opinion on your side too.

  23. I’m asking for antone to side with me. just to see the whole picture that there is a lot more to this then what is being said.

  24. Everyone has the right to their own opinion when all of the facts are on the table not just the one people want you to see. You are watching only the videos they want you to see.

  25. ct.gov? That’s a Connecticut law. Regardless of that, if you read

    952 Penal Code Offense Section 53a-189a (C)

    it clearly says “under circumstances where such other person has a reasonable expectation of privacy”

    Which neither Emerson, nor the public officials have in a public place (the officials even acting in a public function).

  26. April, I thought we were having a decent discussion, until I found that you are just spamming the same exact message you posted here over on Emerson’s Facebook page too and who knows where else. You are obviously involved with Emerson’s, which explains why you are so biased.
    What other facts are there that you would put on the table ?
    I’m looking all over the place, newspaper sites mostly, some social media, YouTube, liveleak, I’d never even heard of the Robin Hooders before this and now the more I read the more worse that town seems.
    All that other stuff aside though, the topic here is the drivers behavior. I don’t think Emerson’s really understands the power of social media, it reaches far and wide outside of that corrupt town.
    When someone acts that psychotic, no one cares about the backstory anymore because the the driver broke all civility while representing himself, his company, your city, even AAA.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t give them my car to fix, or call them for a tow.

  27. As a child -not knowing any better and trusting your elders- you obey.

    As an adult you weigh the options, and either peacefully comply, or -if the interaction is as violent as it was- continue filming for the protection of all involved parties.

    Growing up is not about obedience, it is about learning how to make responsible choices.

  28. There’s no restraining orders of any kind. The City Of Keene’s bogus lawsuit was dropped.

  29. And just to be clear, I never implied that.

  30. I didn’t say that you did but he is

  31. Its a nh, ma and ct state law

  32. No, NH has a different law.
    Title LXII Chapter 644 Section 644:9

    It starts with
    “I. A person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor if […] of the persons entitled to privacy […]”

    It refers to
    “(b) In any private place […] may reasonably expect to be safe from surveillance […] genitalia […]”

    “III-a. […] for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the person’s sexual desire […] without that person’s knowledge or consent […] where one would have a reasonable expectation of privacy”

    No one has a “reasonable expectation of privacy” in a public place, and public officials acting in a public function are not “persons entitled to privacy” while performing those functions.

  33. Well first off that is not emersons towing page that is a page someone felt free to make on behalf of emersons tow to harass the company. And as far as my town you only see what they want you to see of our town. you can call it whatever you would like but this small group of people that are taking a stand for the people of our town are not in anyway going about it in the right way. following people around all day even after being asked to stop is not doing it the right way. ok they want to feed the meters to help people fine but to follow the meter maids around and make them feel uncomfortable all day because they are simply doing their job is wrong. you want to take a stand and feed the meters fine do so you want to a camera on in case something happens fine. but to follow peole around that are trying to just do their job after they ask you to stop. I get everywhere we go has video cameras but they don’t follow you around all day. they don’t have people come from different direction at you when you try to get away from them. you call it annoying and say just to do it back to them well when peopledo do that they just spin the story their way. I my self have fed a meter for people just to nice. or paid for a coffee for the next person Iin line I don’t follow the meter maid around all day or the person behind the counter at the coffee shop. every town has their problems with their officials and thing people would like to see changed but there are much better way to take that stand. I my self don’t feel violence is the answer but I also know that at one point in everyone life time they have had enough of something that was going on and lost their temper wrong or right everyone has been there.

  34. No, I for one have never once threatened violence against someone who was not engaging in violence against me. Violent response to anything other than force used against you is wrong. Don’t try and drag everyone else into your immaturity and moral decrepitude. Some of us are actually adults, and able to control our behavior.

  35. I did not say everyone has threatened violence I said everyone has lost their temper. There is a difference. And as all of you on this page are not making violent threats over this there are many people on other sites that are making them. they are resorting to the same measures they are saying they are mad about in the first place.

  36. This has gone as far as people threatening his daughter on some sites.

  37. That makes no sense. “Losing one’s temper” is not an all-or-nothing thing – it occurs in degrees. You’re claiming that what he did is understandable. That means that you are asserting that everyone has lost their temper to that extent, or something at least in the same ballpark.

    That claim is false. Many of us have never done anything of the sort. Have never even thought of anything like that.

    I was, years ago, forced to defend myself against a carjacker. Fortunately for me, I was a quicker draw than he, or I would not be alive, today. Despite the fact that he was actively trying to murder me, I did not feel the sort of anger that Emerson displays.

    The man is psychotic, and probably requires mental help. Nothing he did is in any way reasonable, and the fact that you are defending him in any way just speaks poorly of what you consider decent behavior. You accuse others of “harassment,” when they do nothing of the sort, and defend someone who is actually violent. Even if there /was/ something to your false claim of harassment, no one with any sense would listen, since you clearly have no sane standards of acceptable conduct.

  38. Yeah, stuff like that tends to happen when one attacks peaceful people. Others who have as little impulse control as the original attacker then use it as an excuse to “defend” the victim, even if the victim doesn’t want that sort of “defense,” and would actively oppose it if given the chance.

    That sort of thing is a fact of life in the real world. If common human decency is not enough reason to behave in a decent manner for some particular individual, then perhaps self-preservation is an alternative incentive. Not what anyone sane would want, but a hard fact of reality.

  39. My mistake, I guess “verbal attack, with an implied physical follow-up at a possible future time” is closer to the truth?

  40. I mean you are right they have the right to follow public officials to their own home.

    What do you mean “their own home?” How is it “their own home?” They didn’t pay for it. The public paid for it through taxes. It belongs to the taxpayers. If you want “your own home” then you have the choice to get a legitimate job, earn honest money, and buy or rent “your own home.” But parasites who voluntarily choose to live in housing the public paid for have no right to complain when the public exercises its right to follow them into the public’s own home.

  41. as an adult when someone tells you to stop filming and following you you know to stop doing so.

    Oh, is that so. Okay, I’m telling you to stop posting here. “As an adult” you know when someone tells you to stop posting you know to stop doing so. Right? Now, let’s see whether or not “as an adult” you know how to follow the same logic you expect of others.

  42. Oh wow, you are a real genius. Let’s see if I can replicate your thinking. I’m a pizza delivery-man, and in order to make money I drive recklessly to deliver the pizza faster. But I have to deal with state troopers following me around everywhere and when I try to go down a different road to get away from the state troopers they just keep following me, flashing blue lights in my eyes and ganging up on me!. How safe to you think I feel? I tell them to stop following me but they just won’t stop. I know you wouldn’t feel safe if you told someone to stop following you and they kept doing it. Are you going to defend me from having to feel that way everyday I go to work to do my job?

  43. You think the meter maid called a tow-truck driver for protection? Do you call an electrician when your toilet is backed up? I’m surprised you don’t know know that meter maids have radios to call heavily armed police officers if they need protection. That tow truck driver was there for one reason: to steal someone’s car and hold it for ransom money. Want to prove me wrong? Give the time-code in the video where the driver says “get away from her,” or “you stop bothering that poor meter maid she’s just doing her job.” Please show me where there’s any “protection” happening.

  44. Making a credible threat of violence is, in and of itself, an act of violence.

    If not, there would be nothing wrong with mugging. “He just gave me his wallet.” – “Didn’t he only do that because you said that you would kill him if he did not?” – “Yeah, but that’s not an attack.”

    Nope, not going to work. Credible threats of violence are violence, in and of themselves. You don’t need to wait until someone has put a knife in you before you defend yourself – the fact that he’s holding a knife and says, “I’m going to stab you” means he has already committed an act of violence, and you are free to defend yourself.

    So, you were correct. Shay is utterly wrong – there /was/ an attack.

  45. Additionally, even if it was their own home (maybe it was willed to them by parents, before they decided to become thieves), there’s nothing illegitimate about documenting the behavior of dangerous, anti-social predators. If a neighbor had a history of violence and thievery, I would definitely have cameras running.

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