Anti-FSP Hitpiece Mailer Sent to All Households in Bedford

1234006_10152032239402989_1527376460_n[1]More proof of how effective the Free State Project is: the political establishment has teamed up to attack the FSPers running for town council and school board.

A hitpiece mailer has gone out to every household in Beford in a direct mail campaign with a two-sided, full-color flier that likely cost thousands to print-and-mail. This, after the duo of Matt Philips and Aaron Day were attacked on cable access television and in online emails. It’s a nonstop attack against the FSP that merely vindicates further the strategy of combining activist efforts in one geographic area – the establishment is freaking out and the official move for the FSP has not yet begun!

I also love that the state-worshiping opposition has now paid to advertise the Free State Project to every household in Bedford. Awesome!!

If you love liberty, please join the Free State Project now and help us reach 20,000 participants sooner, rather than later so we can trigger the official move. Join the fun and the amazing community.

WMUR even ran this report:

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  1. Mark Scanlon, another of the anti-FSP Chicken Littles in Bedford, was born in Brooklyn, New York. Why did HE move to New Hampshire? Why did HE run for office?

    Bill Greiner went to Brandeis University in Waltham, and spent eight years at as a hedge fund manager at Rockmont Management in Somerville, Massachusetts. Why did HE move to New Hampshire? Why did HE run for office?

    I wonder if they’d known I was a Free Stater, back when I was lending a hand to the Bedford Academy proposal ten years ago, they’d have attacked me, instead of Haig Yaghoobian’s ethnicity in a disgusting televised display of post-9/11 race-baiting?

    Actually, they’d probably have done both.

  2. This is what constitutes a hitpiece these days? “We would encourage residents to do their own research on these candidates”? The bar for hitpiece has officially been lowered. To the ground.

  3. excellent points Michael

  4. 20 years later and the town bully is going at it stronger than ever….

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