The Free State Project through the eyes of a new mover

On January 25th 2014 I made the move to Manchester New Hampshire for the Free State Project.  In my short time here I have witnessed such amazing aspects of the liberty community that exists in Manchester and New Hampshire in general.  The community here is very strong and vibrant.


Agora Cab accepts payment from a customer, in bitcoin

      After a short time here one very quickly begins to realize that the free voluntary society that we are all passionate about is literally being created in Manchester as well as across New Hampshire. From Keene to the Lakes Region down to Manchester/Nashua and the Free Coast, people are here right now being active for liberty. There is infrastructure in that there are multiple buildings such as Area 23 and the Quill in Manchester where people in the liberty community can hold meetings, events, and of course socialize. Agorism is a large part of this community as well.  There are multiple businesses in operation that have not sought permission from “the state”.  There are co-ops, taxi service, educational classes, fitness training, and food services that are in operation here plus so much more.  All of which will  accept bitcoin or precious metals for payment.  


Enjoying a meal at an agorist diner in Manchester.  The meal was paid for in bitcoin.

Enjoying a meal at an agorist diner in Manchester. The meal was paid for in bitcoin.

For myself, I came from a location that did not have a strong liberty community.  All that really existed was a hand full of Ron Paul supporters that would get together every couple of months for dinner or beer in a sea of millions of people.  I felt as if I was alone among statists.  The population of Manchester is only 110,000 and there are hundreds of liberty minded people that call this city home.  There are over 1500 people that already live in New Hampshire for the Free State Project with over 15,000 that have signed the pledge to move. What is even more impressive is that I have only been in the state for a little over six weeks and have met at least a dozen new movers after I moved, in winter no less.   I have lost track of how many people I have met since arriving here. The fact of the matter is numbers are important and the proportion of pro liberty minded people in a small location is exciting to witness first hand. One also really does get a sense of community here as well with the meetups and social scene that exists. There is always something going on across the state. So much so that it gives me hope that liberty in our lifetime is not just a clever slogan but a reality that will be achieved here.

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