Robin Hood Opposition Distributes Second Pro-State Proclamation

For the second Monday in three weeks, anti-Robin Hood proponents have issued a 2014_03_17_rhoodflier1denunciatory printout, distributing the flier to car windshields around the downtown portions of Keene. This week’s flier is less profane than the last, which included the ‘f’ word uncensored. Perhaps in response to negative feedback, the flier now bowdlerizes the language with asterisks and includes seldom accurate information listed sequentially following pronouncements declaring the content, ‘Fact’.

One goal of the flier’s author seems to be consciousness raising directed at the home address of myself (Garret) and at least one other Free Keene blogger. I can’t imagine too many of the recipients of the flier will be delighted to read what amounts to a distasteful rant posturing as though it were a serious critique of community activists. In all honesty, could one ask for a more useful opposition?

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  1. Those are facts, what’s going on here?

  2. So they’re basically giving you free press. They pointed out that you’re legally free to feed the meters, and help prevent people from being fined for an empty meter. I don’t know what your personal stance on drug laws has to do with anything, I know people throughout the country that think that way. They do seem to have a personal vendetta against Ian….other than that, this flier is mostly helpful to your cause.

  3. “hey do seem to have a personal vendetta against Ian”

    that is because people have had enough of the little shitstain.

  4. I’ve never personally met him, but I fail to see how he’s a bad guy for wanting to change they way things are. A lot of people support him and the RHs.

  5. It is pointing out that Ian is lying

  6. About what?

  7. Everything. I think Ian should explain all this. Those are all facts.

  8. Let’s qualify that: a “handful” of people support him. The larger majority of people in Keene absolutely do not.

  9. Haha facts like Faux News facts.

  10. Adam ignore her – she’s obviously one of Bernard’s pets.

  11. You said it. I heard that Ian is a womanizer.

  12. I’m nobody’s pet. Never even met the guy. You ignorantly make assumptions.

  13. Nothing ignorant about it – the facts are the facts.

  14. And the facts are that the RHs are legally doing nothing wrong. Actually, none of them have done anything illegal or wrong. The courts sided with them. I could care less about the “personal facts” on Ian. Those are just childish attacks from people who have nothing to go on. Many in the community support him and the RHs. But hey, keep on hating. Haters make the best publicists.

  15. Just keep opening your legs for Ian like you do.

  16. Ouch. Maybe it I was 12, that one might very been a zinger. Your lack of maturity is showing.

  17. They have done plenty wrong in the eyes of the law. Driving unregistered vehicles, refusing to pay taxes, violating drug laws, violating people’s privacy, infringing on the rights of others … the list goes on and on.

  18. I just read online when I typed Free Talk Live that co-host Mark Edge did 9 years in prison for murder.

  19. Involvement in murder

  20. You have proof? And none of that has anything to do with RH.

  21. So you know exactly how many people support the RH? Do you have a list? Because they never run out of nickels. And people out of state send money too.

  22. Funny stuff from the Massholes (Democrats)

  23. I wish more people had the courage to withhold taxes from the public school system. The public school system can not and will not evolve if it relies on forced funding. Education needs a free market. Google: John Taylor Gatto’s Ultimate History Lesson.

  24. Adam, you were fun to ban.

  25. The the people I’ve spoken with all over New Hampshire, over 90% of the folks support RH.

  26. Hmm, that’s strange … 90% of the people I’ve spoken with all over New Hampshire do not support the Free State Project – at all.

  27. Aww … now you’re going to start banning people? What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.

  28. Proof? These douchebags post videos of their trials and consider it a badge of honor when they get convicted and carted off to jail.

  29. It’s their site, they can ban whoever the fuck they want. I’ve never met Ian before either, just seen his videos on YouTube, but some of those facts seem wrong to me. Didn’t the State rule that Ian’s house was a single-family-dwelling after it got raided? and the invading peoples privacy (in public) seems a bit strange. Also, I don’t recall Ian ever calling the home “The Shire Church Society” …ever. He’s called it “The Shire Free Church” and he also runs “The Shire Society” so I could see how someone who doesn’t take the time to research “Facts” could be confused. Also, the 90% of people you talked to in NH probably agree with you because of your radical hatred towards Ian and his friends. I mean you sure seem to spend a lot of time posting on his site for someone who supposedly thinks so little of him. I’d agree with you too, I wouldn’t tell a crazy he’s a crazy to his face …he’d probably spam my website with ignorant-ass comments.

  30. “What a bunch of fucking hypocrites.”


  31. Exactly, talk about free speech. Then again what do you expect from Ian and his friends.

  32. There are computer experts.

  33. Here is a lesson on the real world. When something affects your business when it starts exposing anything negative, what better way to try to get rid of it as fast as possible.

  34. Bimbo alert.

  35. Why be rude?

  36. Name-calling, the true sign of intelligence. Also… who says ‘bimbo’ anymore, I bet you’re in your late 60s, retired, and have nothing better to do than sit on your computer and complain about everything Ian Freeman does. Thug Life.

  37. Can I give you a lesson on grammar? I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  38. I don’t think Free Speech means you can post whatever you’d like on other peoples servers. This isn’t a public forum, the people who pay to maintain this site can certainly remove any content they dislike. It helps them keep the atmosphere of the site peaceful and keeps the troll feces off the walls.

  39. Just because you put the word Fact in red before a statement doesn’t make it a fact.
    Your ‘these-are-all-facts-period’ attitude is pretty funny tho. I hope you succeed in overthrowing Ian Freeman and his diabolical mission to take over NH and leave everybody alone.

  40. I’ll bet most of your Johns are in their late 60’s … me, however – not even close.

  41. do people still say Johns? I’d bet you’re closer to 90. I don’t know why you would be offended by a young ladies language then proceed to insinuate she’s a prostitute. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Jk she probably died back in the 1900s from syphilis.

  42. Such a princess. speaking of whores … I’m guessing that at UI you get passed around the frat houses more than a bong.

  43. u mad bro?… no wonder your TheLone one lol… good luck at life.

  44. Yep – thought as much. You’re a farm-trash slut with a potty mouth and limited intelligence. Bye-bye, little girl. I’m surprised you haven’t been knocked up a couple of times already … or have you?

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