SFK!!! Silent Protester Joins in the Chalking!

Chalking outside ParsonageThroughout some STOP FREE KEENE!!! members’ War on Chalk, chalk has always been made available to them by liberty activists so that the SFK!!! members can express themselves and add their ideas to the mix, rather than deleting other people’s ideas.  Until now, they have refused to participate in the chalking.

Now, in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, one of the 20 silent protesters from a few weeks back has broken the silence and chalked his own message!  His message was found this morning outside of the Shire Free Church’s parsonage in Keene.  It says “THIS HOUSE IS A FRAUD!”, with an arrow.  Rich Paul chalked above it earlier today, adding, “Boston Strong Can Chalk!!!”.  The SFK!!!-supporting man was in Central Square on Monday night washing chalk off the sidewalk when he and another local man who was chalking got into a verbal confrontation.  The man allegedly claimed to be from Boston and allegedly threatened the local chalker.  He was given the moniker of “Boston Strong” as a result.  At this time his identity is unknown.


“Boston Strong”

Boston is most certainly the chalker from this morning.  Not only did he hold a sign with a similar message in the silent protest, but he also lives a few houses down River Street from the church parsonage.  Plus, a man wearing a hoodie was seen leaving Boston’s house, chalking the message, then returning to Boston’s house at approximately 5:17 this morning.

It was during the verbal confrontation at Central Square involving Boston on Monday night that alleged Pedrazas/Pour House employees threatened and attacked the local chalkers.  Interestingly, one of the men who threatened and came at the chalkers (who also stole appears to steal and smash Garret’s camera) is from Washington DC.  Funny that some people critique Free State Project participants for coming here wanting to live free, all the while people fomenting violence and destruction of artwork in the streets of Keene are also NOT from New Hampshire.  In fact, STOP FREE KEENE!!!’s Cynthia Chase is also not from New Hampshire.  She moved here in 2006 and then got herself elected – to try to change NH to her liking – a nanny state.

Regardless, it’s good to see a STOP FREE KEENE!!! supporter break the silence and ADD to the chalking rather than delete.  Thanks, neighbor!


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