Videographer Attacked for Recording in Keene

After video recording his arraignment for charges of Second-Degree Assault, James Michael Phillips and his posse, including Justin Paquette came across the street and knocked my camera to the ground.  Before attacking me and my property, it appears they called the police to the scene. When the police arrived, they investigated the crimes of theft and two assaults.

Here are the raw videos capturing the scene that unfolded. Unfortunately, each video cuts out after the assailants grab the cameras from my hands and threw them on the ground.

The assailants names are:

Rafael Hernandez (knocks my camera off tripod, breaks battery ~$100)

Justin Paquette (stole my  live-streaming phone and handed it to James Michael Phillips)

James Michael Phillips (the man in the blue shirt who was just arraigned for charges of second-degree assault, tossed my phone on the sidewalk)

Danni Pelkey (the girl with short brown hair and a baby)

Dale Harrison (grandmother of baby; Danni Pelkey’s mother)


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