Pumpkin Fest Organizer Assaults, Threatens to Censor Local Newsman (VIDEO)

Jared Goodell is a Keene native and local independent journalist. Yesterday he was the host for EIGHT hours during Pumpkin Fest 2014 on Cheshire TV, the local public access channel. Jared also put thousands of dollars of his own money into producing the all-day event coverage. For this amazing effort to cover the yearly festival (it would not have been covered on CTV without him), he is rewarded with an evening visit by Pumpkin Fest organizer Ruth Sterling who behaves in a ridiculous manner:

Sterling attempts to grab his microphone multiple times, as well as block the camera’s view of Jared, accuses him of frightening the guests of the festival and demands he stop talking about the riots happening just a few blocks away in the college neighborhood.

Since Jared is a newsman at heart, he feels obligated to report on what is happening in-town, and tangentially related to Pumpkin Fest. He defends his right to be the media and she responds by telling him she’ll “pull the plug” (which she has no control over) and that he should behave because she gave him the physical location for the CTV remote studio. As though she somehow was doing him a favor – he’s the one who spent over $5,000 of his own money to make the coverage of her event happen!

At one point in the beginning of the video, Sterling accuses Jared of being a “Free Stater”, this is the new pejorative to describe anyone who stands up for their rights. It’s not Jared’s first time causing controversy for reporting the news. Earlier this year he stirred it up for reporting from the scene of this Summer’s suicide and on the resignation of a despised school principal. Jared is not afraid to break the official city narrative of Keene being a perfect, blemish-free New England town, and is willing to take the heat. Keep up the good work, Jared – we’re all Free Staters now!

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  1. Good ol’ alcohol. What they need is a local marijuana dispensary to calm things down.

  2. She seems drunk and in a panic about town image. Where the hell was the BEARCAT?

  3. What a Sterling example of a fraud !!!!!

  4. Future Fox News anchorman. What a hack.

  5. HoLmes I love it these reptilian authoritarian the mask comes off when challenged. Its authoritarian all the way down in complete cooridntion w SBI Snipr thugs on rooftops.

    Liberals won’t come up from mass next year because its all ova lamestream. Guess next year will be small if there’s one at all

    And gifted st ueen w won consider Keene state. Homes I’m never gifted thanks fully. Too much brainwashing

    Townies gonna blame free staters…rather face buffet of lies

    Alex does better job

    Alex Jones from Waking Life: https://youtu.be/JJXspT2VtOE

  6. That reporter behaved like a self important privileged ass. Sounded more like the announcer at a boxing match trying to stir up the crowd than a real journalist. The lady was right to get in his face, it’s a shame she didn’t have people to back her up and overwhelm the jerk and the cameraman, force them off the property.

  7. Who does this woman think she is? Sick and tired of the overzealous, heavy-handed authority figures cracking down on free speech. They want to try and control EVERYTHING. News flash: we don’t check our first-amendment rights at the pumpkin festival gate (or the schoolhouse gate, or the workplace gate, or the mall parking lot or wherever!!) Because if you do that, what’s left? You can say what you want inside your house and that’s it?!

  8. Because of you and your narrow-minded ideology, nobody can speak their mind any longer. We are losing all our freedom bc of frightened sheep such as yourself. As for inciting people, what a joke! He’s a college kid reporting on an incident – use your common sense! How do you make the jump from that to telling people to go throw a rock through somebody’s window. Which by the way even if he did should be ok – everyone is responsible for THEIR OWN ACTIONS. You can’t blame something YOU do on somebody telling you to do it – people are not robots.

  9. Jared Goodell is a retard who needs to get a real job and life. What she should have done is punch this douchebag right in the mouth.


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