KPD Turns to Liberty Activists for Evidence from Pumpkin Fest 2014 Riots

Click for RAW video from Fr33manTVraw

Click for RAW video from Fr33manTVraw

The headlines are all over New England media: Keene Police have released photos of suspects from the Pumpkin Fest 2014 riots. Inevitably, critics of liberty activists in Keene, and those who are confused and angry about Cop Block will tend to think liberty-oriented people are anti-police, because we so frequently criticize them for various things. It’s a common misunderstanding.

Many in the freedom movement, including myself, value the idea of protection services, which is what the police are supposed to be. While I’d prefer competition among protection agencies and consent-based funding of the agencies, while we have a monopoly provider, as we do today, I’d prefer they investigate real crimes, and I support them when they do.

Once upon a time the government’s police were referred to as peace officers, but now they are “law enforcement officers”, which is a whole different role and mindset.

During the Pumpkin Fest riots, peace officers would have acted to stop the violence (bottle throwing, fighting), property destruction (destroying street signs, tossing cars and dumpsters), and trespass (people going unwanted, onto private property). Law Enforcement Officers, on the other hand, arrest people for all kinds of nonsense things like open container, underage drinking, cannabis possession, and various other “malum prohibitum” victimless “crimes”. Every moment they spend harassing a young person for drinking or smoking is a moment they can’t be investigating actual crimes that have victims.

Anyway, it appears the bulk of the photos that Keene Police have released came from the video I shot during the dangerous bottle war that I experienced on Blake Street. I knew as I was recording it, that the police would use the footage in their investigation. I presume the Keene police already know about Fr33manTVraw, the YouTube channel where activists upload unedited, RAW 1080p video files.

Should you, dear reader, want to assist in identifying those culpable of violence and destruction of property, here are the raw videos that I used to make the finished video news package you saw here a few days ago. The vids are uploaded in full 1080p so IDing people will be a little easier than by trying to use the 720p package I put out on the main Free Keene youtube channel. Click to see all the videos on Fr33manTVraw.

If you want to reach Joel Chidester at Keene police with an ID of one of the aggressors you see in the raw videos, you can call him at 603-357-9813 x7214 or email Joel and I met today so he could get access to the original MTS files from my Canon video camera, since Youtube re-encodes everything uploaded to it, resulting in drop in quality. Again, if there are real crimes being committed, many liberty activists will assist the police in investigating, as would most people. If the police would stop enforcing victimless crime laws, more people would be more likely to help them rather than despise them.

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  1. Now Free Keene is encouraging snitching????? Holy Fucking Contradiction Batman!!!!!!!

  2. I hope police and activists can identify the idiots who were throwing pool cue balls, rocks, and beer bottles at the cops.

  3. Only a contradiction in your tiny pea brain.

  4. Contradiction? How?

  5. Wow surprised how indoctrinated Ian is on this issue. The police were never “peace officers” (except on TV).
    They have always been violent predators or muscle for predators. The mythical golden age of government never happened and never will.

  6. I checked those links you posted. What I learned: 22-year-old Gordon Schaffer was shot and killed in Columbia, Tennessee. Police failed to protect him from being murdered. 43-year-old Marc Sundin was stabbed to death in Portland, Oregon. Police failed to protect him from being murdered. The body of 16-year-old Jackeline Veloz was found in Dallas, Texas. Police failed to protect her from being murdered.

    Not one of those links you posted says anything about anyone being convicted of murder, and even if they did, operating a publicly-funded vengeance “service” is a very different thing than “keeping the peace.” You insult the memories of Gordon Schaffer, Marc Sundin and Jackeline Veloz by falsely claiming the police “kept the peace.” There’s nothing peaceful about being murdered.

  7. Roger, would you like a personal body guard to watch over you when you sleep?

  8. If you’re saying that it’s unreasonable to expect police to be everywhere all the time to protect everyone, then I agree. I didn’t mean to suggest otherwise. But that’s a completely different issue from whether or not the links Jason posted are examples of police “keeping the peace,” they are not.

  9. Some of the students that were throwing bottles and cans most likely never hit anyone or anything causing no real destruction, only litter. If you help the police identify the individual in the photo then you’ve just snitched on a person who committed a crime with no victim. Too complex?

  10. it came off like you expected them to prevent 100% of crime by the way you worded things they failed to protect citizens from.

  11. You think litter is victimless?

  12. So you want to punish someone for a beer can in the street but it would be ok to drive drunk or speed in a motor vehicle as long as no one gets hurt? You hypocritical motherfuckers.

  13. Slappy has a point I hate to say it. Liter in theory can have a victim but only if the victim comes forward with a legal complaint and can prove harm.

  14. Another good point way to go slappy. I’m not sure if they want to punish someone over holding a can of beer. I think its more for private property damage and for those injured in teh bottle war who we’re not participating. Doesn’t mean Ian filed a legal complaint as a victim either. I would rather the state punish if it had an actual complaining victim instead of the city or the state being the only victim. I’m sure the city could find someone who would file charges against some of these rioters. Proving who did what is going to be very tough unless you have video evidence.

  15. how is litter a victim-obtaining crime?

  16. I should have been more specific. I meant a beer can thrown into the street which hit no one or damaged no property whatsoever which is very easily cleaned up. Ian has provided police with evidence very voluntarily and they can use it against whomever for whatever they decide. FK is supporting the prosecution of victimless crime, even if the support was unintentional. Also – Super Fucking Fail on trying to get a tour of the KPD!!!! What a dumb shit.

  17. Will giving info to the cops be helpful?

  18. As a PR strategy, yes.

  19. I apologize for the confusion. Thank you for calling my attention to the need for clarification.

  20. Here’s what I think you’re not accounting for:
    1. The UNSEEN HIDDEN COST of monopolization. And the UNSEEN HIDDEN COSTS to society of the “solutions” offered. The “solution” offered by the state gang for the problem of a $5 problem could easily cost thousands to taxpayers. Think about the cost/benefit. The government will steal more to fix the problem than the problem is worth.
    2. This peace-keeping function is incidental to the primary function and modus operandi of the police which is primarily orientated to PREDACIOUS anti-social and extortionate wasteful activities.
    3. AND IT IS NOT EXCLUSIVE TO THE POLICE the ability to keep the peace.
    This cop vs crime is a false dichotomy. You are either for the cops or you’re for the (other) criminals. No.

  21. I think the means are the ends.


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