New Thrift Store Hosts Region’s First Bitcoin Vending Machine

Happy Customer Pays With Bitcoin @ 101 Deals

Happy Customer Pays With Bitcoin (the Bitcoin Vending Machine is to his left)

Many in the Keene area have read the Sentinel article about local businesses that are accepting bitcoin. Others may have heard about it from word of mouth or other media.  Bitcoin is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and the word is getting out.  However it can seem confusing at-a-distance. What is this internet money and how do you get some?

The easiest way is in-person, from either another human, or in this case, a Bitcoin Vending Machine (BVM).

101 Deals Thrift Store just opened its doors on Monday at 661 Marlboro St. (NH RT-101) in Keene and on their first day of business, the Skyhook BVM was present, offering to sell bitcoin to anyone with a bitcoin wallet (usually on their smartphone).

If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet, there are a couple of very popular ones you can download for your favorite phone operating system: Blockchain or Mycelium. Once you have your wallet installed, drop into 101 Deals (seven-days-a-week!) with some cash and try out the Bitcoin Vending Machine.

101 Deals Proprietors

101 Deals’ Proprietors James Cleaveland and Jay Freeville

You can keep your bitcoin, or when the transaction is confirmed in the Bitcoin network, you can use some of it to buy something you want in the store, since 101 Deals accepts bitcoin for purchases, just as do several other local businesses including Corner News, The Farm Concessions, Moda Suo Hair Salon, Carroll Garden Center in Marlboro, and Stone Farm in Fitzwilliam!

The 101 Deals BVM is the only one in the region, according to  What an exciting development for the future of decentralized money in the Monadnock region!  To learn more about Bitcoin, visit or drop in to meet the local bitcoin community on the Keene Bitcoin Network facebook group.

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  2. Do they accept bullion?

  3. Good question. Call and ask?

  4. Boycott 101 Deals. It’s already all over Facebook – and more to come.

  5. Stopped in your store and found several bargains. Happy to see your success as evidenced by the crowd already shopping there !

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